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Have you ever dreamed about bubbles? About blowing bubbles or playing with bubbles?

Dreaming about bubbles may indicate a desire for childlike fun. Our desire for a return to childhood fun can be reflected in dreams about simple things, like the joy of blowing bubbles. Or it could be something more adult, such as relaxing in a bubble bath.

Sometimes our minds need the illusion of happy times to help cope with stress. If you’re feeling stressed about work or other ‘grown-up’ task, such a dream that takes you back to childhood may be your mind trying to deal with it.

Often such dreams will dissolve into the stressful situation we want to avoid, thus reflecting the temporary nature of the escape. Bubbles, since they’re transitory, indicate to us that although we can escape the stress temporarily, it will still be with us. Perhaps this is our mind trying to get us to face the stressful situation.

On a spiritual level, bubbles also illustrate the temporary or the illusionary aspects of life. There can be a temporary relief but the problem still exists.

Do you have any thoughts or other interpretations about dreams about bubbles? Please share them if you do.

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I had a dream that I was being suffocated by red bubbles and no one could reach me, until one person that I had never met but looked familiar reached out and grabbed me.

I had a dream where a milk bubble tried to take over the world after I tried to pop it, even though it wouldn’t burst.


I dreamt that i was catching bubbles falling from the sky, it was wonderful as i ran trying to catch all the bubbles and pop them..

I had a dream that I was walking and came to a person that told me I coould not go ahead unless I blew some bubbles. So I did, and then walked on. I rarely remember my dreams, that is why I looked it up. I was shocked to discover the reasoning behind it because I just lost my very special dog and she has now been gone for a few days. Very stressful…and as a grown woman crying daily. I guess it is stress and the desire to play with my dog.

I dreamed that bubbles were felt quite alien.they were smaller lower to the ground and huge near the sky

Hola, soñe con burbujas saliendode mi boca, que peude significar eso, estoy en un momneto de mi vida, que quiero aprender pero a la vez debo luchar con todo lo que me rodea, con lo bueno y lo malo, hay cosas que callo porque n oquiero dañar a nadie, gracias

I had a strange dream last night that I was in a town I’ve never been with people whom I knew well in the dream but don’t know at all in my life. Anyway the town was beautiful, bright green grass, everyone happy. Then I looked to the sky and saw some kind of twisting rainbow tracking across the sky, turning around, and the going in a downward spiral and finally fading out. Right after that, bubbly started to emerge where the colors had faded out. Me and a lot of people were standing outside watching this, as the bubbles descended, each bubble attatched to someones face. As it was attatched to my face, I could feel how it molded completey to my face. No one was scared, just very quiet and very still. Then they detached. Only several more bubbles decided they wanted to attached to my face. Lol freakin weird. They kept coming to me. The last bubble that attached to me, instead of standing there and holding my breath, I decided to breath it in, which I did. I felt it enter my body, and then I think I woke up, or I just don’t remember the rest. By far the coolest and eeriest dream Ive ever had.

whenever I’m running a fever, I’ll always have this same dream abought me being trapped in a room full of life-sized bubbles. It was a room with loads of doors and everytime I try to reach for each door, the bubbles will block my path. I’ll go towards another door everytime, and when it reaches the last door, I’ll feel suffocation then wake up abruptly. :*(

i had this dream last night is was at my sisters house and there was the alien ship in the sky dropping bubbles that stuck to us and were hard to get off and then there were good bubbles that had a red or a blue center and when you would touch them they would turn into about a dozen smaller bubbles and form a tornado and disolve into our body and there were some that needed two people to form a tornado and like share some kind of power we were at some kind of shelter and they told us that there didnt want us to drink water cuz we saw on a broadcast that people who drank water would get there faces swolen and pink then i woke up or i just dont remember the rest plz tell me what this could mean

I had a dream last night where we were at this lake on a boat & then I seen this holes in the water then I slipped into one & I was floating in the air & I kept trying to get out but I couldn’t then when i relaxed i wasn’t in the bubble any more the bubbles were everywhere . This was the second time i dreamed this ..

I dreamed of bubbles falling down on me and when I woke up I realized it was a wet dream.

I dreamnt that i was in like a car accident and we saw some army ships. They took us, but in spirit, i went to the sky and instead of being taken higher up i was stuck in between. And all i saw was a gate, and passed the gate the floor was made of small bubbles with smoke… I couldn’t go passed it but in my dream i was scared. But god or an angel that was with me was telling me not to be scared, that its beautiful. During my dream i was trying to wake myself up but couldnt. Then i suddenly woke up. Any explanation to what my dream may mean???

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