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A common dream is one of floating in the air. This is different from a flying dream where you’re soaring over the landscape. In this dream you’re merely hovering above a scene. What does this kind of dream mean?

It can mean that you’re detached from the event you’re watching. You may feel that you can’t influence or control the event so you’ve put yourself outside of it. This may mean that you need to think more deeply about the event and how your actions can influence it.

Another interpretation I’ve seen is one of relaxed waiting. You’ve become detached from the event and relaxed about it so that you’re no longer worried about it. This can be a good sign if something was stressing you out previously.

On a spiritual level, this can indicate out of body experiences or a premonition of death.

What are your thoughts on this dream interpretation?

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Interesting. Don’t remember dreams that much. In this one, I was floating and remember trying to move around by moving my legs but didn’t feel like falling just floating. Actually a couple days later I hear that mother-in-law is in the hospital with pneumonia, not breathing well and not eating…she’s afraid and won’t close her eyes to sleep. Hmmm

I hardly ever remember my dreams. I can think of maybe 2 or 3 that I ever have remembered. But the two I have most recently had involved me floating. In a room all the way up to the ceiling and I just kept moving forward through the room. I wanted to stop moving and come back down to the ground, but I wasn’t able to. It was horrifying… accompanied with really loud noises and uncomfortable emotions. It all started about 15 minutes into my sleep and lasted about 5 minutes.

Like Mike above, I dreamed of floating to the ceiling in a room, my den, and I initially tried to stay standing on the floor, but then just gave up and ending up floating to the ceiling and then floating around the room while at the ceiling. I don’t remember any noises, but it was very vivid and seemed very real to me. When I abruptly woke up, I looked around the room (I was sleeping on the sofa in the den), and wondered why I wasn’t at the ceiling anymore! I’ve dreamed floating dreams like this before, but it’s been a long time since I dreamt like this, until this dream. Thanks.

My dream started with me visiting a public pool. It was in an older renovated bldg. The walls were a nicely stained dark wood and the lockerrooms, while older in style were quite nice, clean, white tile. There were many pools and many people swimming and using black innertubes to float in. Most were just relaxing, the windows were open & it was nice outside & there was a deck & some outdoor pools. I went outside and saw my exboyfriend with his daughter (I don’t think he has a daughter currently) she was cute, in a mini-floating device with sunglasses & a hat on. He also had a dog with him, which I know he does have now. I stopped and lifted his sunglasses & said “oh look who it is!” I was on the phone to my current boyfriend & telling him. Then the ex & I decided to go to another pool. But in stead of walking inside we walked off the deck & floated alongside the bldg. We lost momentum and were stuck in the air. I had the dog and spun him around to give me some momentum & I made it to the next deck & walked in to the next pool.

I dont remember my dream… all i remember is being with a group of people and then i started to float. I kept getting higher and higher and i was scared that something bad would happen if i got too high. But everytime i tried to come down i would just foat back up

Throughout my life I have had dreams that I float. I see people and places. Once while I was still in highschool I floated and saw friends sitting on the floor drinking beer and my friend had on a red shirt. when I explained the scene to him the next day he was in disbelief at how accurate I was. Lastnight I had the same kind of floating dream except my dad was there (who is now deceased) I was in my daughters room and she couldn’t see or hear me. I kept screaming at her and my dad kept consoling me. The dream was so disturbing that I woke up in tears. I was in so much fear that I wasn’t going to come out of it this time. Anyone else ever have this? I really don’t think these are dreams anymore.

I dreamt of a kid from the rooftop of the third floor apartment I live in. In the dream, the kid (male) must have come from the rooftop except that there was no rope or anything and so he must have floated and then stopped right in front of my bedroom window and was knocking. Also, at the same time, dogs were barking/howling furiously in the apartment complex in my dream. I actually dreamt of the apartment complex I live in. What does this mean? I am very disturbed by it and felt very uneasy in the morning after waking up.

In my dream all I remember was feeling scared and how I didn’t want to float up in the sky. I just kept going up higher and higher up towards the sky and nothing could stop me. I would try to catch on to things and stop myself, but nothing could stop me from going higher into the sky. This is a reoccuring dream. I do not have these every night, however, I have had very similar dreams ( Same dream, different settings) quite a few times. What could this mean??

My dream was I was in an autorioum and I was on the stage and my little sister would tell everyone to close there eyes and me too and then she would say something i would begin to float in the air not touching the stage anymore it had last about 30 mins and then people would say a name and that was the next person to come to the stage. Well after everyone had there turn it was time to leave. So we leave and I call my fiance to come get me and he was saying I aint coming to get you. well he did anyways then i woke up. Well its kinda weird but me and him have been arguing over the same thing for 2 days and he was stressing me so hopefully this will a better day for us. I hope so.

I wasn’t dreaming. I was 1/2 asleep and floating on the ceiling when my boyfriend came in the room and I saw him. I thought I was in trouble for floating away like that but he didn’t see me. So I woke up got mad and went back to sleep.

I had a dream last night that angels lifted me up & helped me float & I was laughing….then, they threw me a gift of a plastic royal blue baby shoe & an action figure…it was the strangest dream I have ever had….an feedback on meaning?????

I regularly and more than not have lucid dreams about flying and floating.It’s never in a craft at anytime,just in my body form.It usually starts where i am in an area or place unfamiliar to me i.e never been there before and an awesome urge to just rise of the floor standing and float/fly starts.The dream is very real to me at the time.In order to fly or float,it’s like i must concentrate in order to do so.The more i concentrate about rising the higher i will do so.Also in the dream it’s like a feeling in my gut that enables me to either float or fly like a bird if you will.Are these dreams linked to anything?,do they actually mean anything?.All i know is that i am quite dissapointed when the alarm clock goes off and the dream ends.But i know again sooner rather than later i will be having these dreams again.I personally think it’s a look to the other side and maybe even a glimpse of heaven.Who knows?.But for the same dream to constantly occur on the regular basis that it does has me asking questions and wanton for answers.
Great forum by the way and i look forward to hearing from someone on this board soon regarding my dreams.

I have recurring dreams of being able to float – like a special power. I just lean back like I’m sitting – very relaxed and I hover in the air and use this also travel to where I want to go.

i have amazing dreams where im floating, i can control them. i do flips and twists, i can make my self go higher and lower. although sometimes i start to rise and have to wave my arms and pull myself back down. but they always have a weird tranquility about them. i used to have dreams where i could run and bounce of objects like walls and fences and float over buildings but now it has developed in to much more controled dreams of just placcid floating

Someone please help…why do I keep having this dream over and over…it terrifies me. I’m always floating one way or another and sometimes it’s just that i am lifting from the chair that i am in and it shouldn’t be so horrifing but it is…can someone please tell me what this means??others are more scarey and would rather not talk about…husband says i start to moan in my sleep and he knows i am floating and he wakes me…and i am floating…he can tell by the moaning now…dear god someone help me!

In my dream – I remember being in a green field with friends. I just wanted to get away so I started floating, as I was going down I pushed my self up until I reached up to the sky and just floated, felt so free…. This dream has happened before when I was young, now im having them again. I wonder what that means?

I began having floating dreams 6 months ago & have had about 4 or 5 of them. The 1st 2 or so were very frightening & then the next couple were calm & relaxing. Last night’s was scary again. In the 1st couple, I would begin to float away from my husband, like in a huge movie theater, but he couldn’t hear my shouts or see me. I floated around at the ceiling level trying to get back to him for awhile, then got further and further away as through a dark sky. I woke up crying. The next couple I just floated up into a daylight sky away from no one in particular, and they were very calming. Last night I was walking with a woman I didn’t know & began to float away, but she took my hands, holding me to the ground while even my shoes floated off my feet. I panicked, thinking she’d let go, but calmed down as I felt her grip tighten, then awoke. I’m going through stresses of different kinds, but can’t pinpoint which one is causing the dreams. They’re so real that when I awaken, I get out of bed & feel I could close my eyes & lift off the ground.

Last night, the most creepiest thing happened to me. This is the first time it happened except for one time when i was quite younger which was as creepy if not creepier. (I was being suffocated while I was floating in the dream and woke up not being able to breathe) Last night I felt as if my soul was being pulled out of my body and I heard a loud persistent noise/sound with my name being whispered repeatedly. I was watching my bf sleep at the time it happened. I held back tightly scared for my life but i kept floating. Luckily I didnt go to the ceiling but my whole body was raised several inches above my bed while my arms were clenching fiercely to my bed. I then yelled out “NO” and snapped out of it. Can anyone help me?

I was 14 when i was listening to music in the middle of the night then i started to feel like i was going up against the ceiling fan i remember yelling mom but no voice came out my mouth and I was going up and up towards the fan then I fell on the bed and looked around and it did not feel as it was a dream? Common a person can easily tell when they just had a nightmare , im not sure if it was a dream or real because I remember falling down then ran to my moms room.

my dream was like a dream inside of a dream. I was dreaming that I was dreaming… and inside my inside dream, I was floating(hope that makes sense to you). I was afraid and wanted to stop but everything I tried to grab hold of, I seemed to not be able to grasp it securely. I would stop in mid air and try to get down/land and wouldn’t be able to position my body in an upright position. I was always on my back except for when I would try to land then I would just spin and end up on my back again. There were people in my dream, but I can’t remember if they could see or hear me. Also, I seemed to be aware that I was dreaming of floating inside of another dream and was trying to wake up myself on the inside dream (hope that makes sense) what does this mean?

I often have dreams where I’m lighter than normal. I need to get somewhere fast, and so I hop, higher than normal, and float pretty far. Sometimes I’m outside and I can float much higher and farther, over roads, trees, buildings. If I’m inside, I’m only a few feet off the ground and am only going a couple yards at a time, maybe. But I am always upright. I’m not flying. I’m not scared of floating away. There is gravity, I will come down and land and push off and keep going to wherever I’m going. It’s so freeing for me, because in real life, my feet always keep me down. They pain me if I have to walk or stand for long periods of time. My husband loves to go hiking, and I can hardly ever go with him unless it’s a very short walk. I am a bit overweight, I’m sure that factors into it. But in my dreams, that’s irrelevant. I’m light, I hop, I float. I’m free…

I was been pulled up by some force and my hubsand had to pull me back down. i would wake up and dream it again over and over.

I was looking up floating but my dream had a couple of different aspects to it. I like others on here generally don’t remember my dreams. However, when I do it is the very vivid ones and it is just parts of them that I remember. Enough to make me feel jittery inside because I believe in what dreams have to say to me. I Have dreamed of floating before, it isn’t like floating in water or even flying. I just start floating barely above the ground and eventually higher and I have no control over it. It made me very anxious. In my dream I was taking care of a very large green snake and it started shedding I knew it needed some things to make the shedding easier so I headed off to the store. Through out the dream I keep spontaneously start floating.

Then my dream switched to something else I was somewhere else…but I know the snake means change a very large change but I couldn’t remember what floating meant.

I have recently been dreaming about floating up to heaven. It is quite a peaceful dream except that i dont want to go there yet and that i am leaving my loved ones behind. I am concerned by reading some of the other dreams about death. I hope this is not a preminition.

” stephen on January 8th, 2010 at 3:25 am ”

Wow! this is the EXACT same dreams i have recurring as well!
They start off in a place I have not been, the last one was at a campus which seemed like a university, and I am walking between people, then I concentrate, and I start to float (just like a foot off the ground), and when i concentrate more, I start to move forward, so instead of using my feet to walk I am now floating through the air. The feeling is like having a kind of super power, where others cant do it, and I can. The people dont mind when I float along, they look at me like this is normal but that only very few people have the ability to do it.
Also these dreams are incredibly real and vivid, they are beyond lucid dreams, they are by far the most absolutely real feeling dreams Ive had, where everything from my sight so physical feeling, and even mental awareness are present (the feeling of having control over my body and the environment, the ability to make myself raise into the air simply by concentrating). Like the previous poster Stephen wrote, I am incredibly disappointed when I wake up from these dreams. Its not even really “waking” up like from a normal dream, because these are so real, there isnt much difference between the dream and being awake. In fact I dont even recall when I woke up and where the dream ended, until the realization that I cannot float any longer and the huge disappointment this brings. These dreams are simply amazing, like I said its due to the realism they have, and the ability to break the rules of physical reality in them. Makes me wish doing that was possible in real life. Who knows, they say 90% of the cognative parts of our brains are as yet unaccessed. Maybe they could be used to gain control over physical reality — mentally. But I wonder what these dreams mean, and why they are recurring. Not that Im complaining, they are very amazing and I wish I had them more often.

Another recurring dream Ive had is one where I am almost flying. I jump really high and float like 100 feet into the air reaching above the powerlines and tree tops on a road Im walking on. But then comes a feeling of fear as I see how high I had gotten, and then I begin to fall down. However, from the fear of hitting the ground, the falling seems to take a very long time, or the dream keeps trying to supress the actual landing, almost like I keep trying to float. But eventually I do start to fall and then before I would hit or get too close to the ground, I wake up. Ive had a few of these dreams, generally taking place in outside rural areas like the one on some country road most recently. Once In a while I am in a vehicle which floats up with me, but then usually it vanishes later as I get toward the “falling” part of the dream.

Anyway these dreams are fun to have over-all, I just wish I knew what meaning they had, if any.

i have this dream where i wake up(still dreaming) and the light is on im in bed being held down by something i can’t see but my upperbody starts to float i figure its a ghost or demon so i start to pray that dosent work so i start cussing i loose my voice it lets go i sit up try to use my cell phone but it wont work i try to call my boyfriend finally get threw then in the same dream i wake up only this time in the closet samething being held down but floating it lets go and i float to my bed and then when i get the phone to work italked to him about it then finally i woke up outta that dream and was glad it was over

i have dreams were i kinda take in air and can make myself float
it always seems real
it was funny because i thought i was finally showing some one my floating skills and i was so stoked but it was a dream
it feels like being able to swim in the air

Im 16 and I’ve had dreams like this a few times. My first one was at my old house. I was sleeping in tha living room on tha couch… I was sleepin wit my hands at my side. I opened my eyes and i was floatin bout like 2 inches off tha couch. I felt scared I tried to scream for my mom and move but I couldnt move and no sound would come out of my mouth. I few mins later it stopped it felt like a dream but so real I was scared and went to go sleep on tha floor in my parents room. But I didnt tell them what happened.

Tha second time was at my new house. I was sleepin in my room in my bed. On tha oppisite wall of my room there is a big full body mirror. I woke up and was floatin but higher this time maybe 2 feet off my bed this also seemed so real and I could see myself in tha mirror floatin it was crazy like it feels like Im dreaming but Im awake. Like I seen everything Id be seein if I was awake.

A few weeks later it happend again. I was layin in my bed tha head of my bed was by my bedroom door. I just levitated again. I just kept havin this same dream for a few nights in a row just me floatin maybe foot of my bed horizontally. then maybe tha 5th night in a row of havin this dream it happend again I was floatin horizontally off my bed then suddenly I started moving into a vertical position still in tha air but upside down. I felt excited and scared at tha same time. Then i was floatin again tha next night this time I could somewhat move freely. I was tryin to grab my phone to try and call my friend cause I was scared but my phone wouldnt turn on. Then it just felt like I woke up back in my bed scared thinkin wow did that really happen. I layed in my bed scared it would happen again.

stayed up try doing what you were spots to do,really weird
eyes stated to tingle then it got wheres and wheres then you feal your
self start to float then you can see you self,really strange and then it starts to stop and your up weird is int it

My last name ir Roland. For you “Roland” to post the exact same age, description of floating then running to your mom’s room is so accurate. I’m normally not crazy about this stuff but now im so interested i wish to get a hold of you and descuss

I’ve had floating dreams since I was a child. I first dreamed of being able to jump from my dresser to the bed across the room by floating. Since then I’ve dreamed of being able to float and control my flight rising or falling at will. It’s always in a room though and never outside.
I wake longing for the ability to to do this in real life and even tried thinking my way into doing it when I was young. It’s an exhilarating feeling. I’m going to bed now and I hope I dream of flying.

i constantly dream about floating through the air,usually by my own will,sometimes involuntary(in that case i float just a few inches above the ground,otherwise i can reach great heights at will),i also had a few dreams where i effectively flew and also a few times where i could jump very high and far.
also had a lot of dreams where i swam through the air.
i also have frequent lucid dreams,usually i just wake up because of the realization,otherwise the dream usually tries to distract me from that realization ,often by waking up in another dream(this one time i had that 9 times in a row)anyway the reason i float/fly frequently maybe because of efforts to fly while being lucid in a dream(although the recurrent dream of floating I’m usually unaware of the fact that i’m dreaming,at times it even causes me to become lucid))

I’ve read all the comments and the closest to mine is the last post, Sylvan’s. Its happened a few times now. It always starts with me being outside my house, which is in the countryside. I take a deep breathe and just like a hop that never ends stay floating only maybe about 4 feet off the ground till i feel the need to touch the ground to push back off again. Im only traveling about 3 miles an hour and im always going the 1 direction………my parents house which is about 2 miles away. It feels so natural and real to me that i cant explain it only that it felt like i’ve been doing it for years and it sure wasn’t a dream.
I rarely dream and when i do, they dont feel anything like this. I felt the wind in my face, felt the lightness, felt the ability to do it at ease and the excitment of it.
Maybe it was just a dream

Actually, right at this momment, I fell asleep maybe for about 10 min, and all of a sudden it looked like my spirit was walking out of my body. I seen it myself! And to me its scary I mean I ALWAYS have dreams like that! Then I can see myself raising up almost like if I’m a ghost and after I feel myself moving around. Like if I’m looking out for my family. I float from room to room and once I’m done looking around my house, I can see my body laying where I fell asleep and my spirit goes back in me AND that’s when I wake up! Its kinda weird but its been happening lately..

i have dreams that i float uncontrollably and cannot come back to ground unless i grab onto a really tall tower or tree.. it freaks me out.. i wake up near instantly.. i dnt kno if i am aimlessly walkin about my like or what .. but far out its a weird/freaky dream

i have this dream over and over agian and can’t figure out what it may mean… my dream i am running, but after a few feet im in the air…floating…it’s like i put my arms out and i’m some sort of godess or something…

Wow. Mine is very similar to those posted here. Me floating towards ceiling. I used to have flying dreams but more recently floating. People are trying to get me, grab me + I am barely getting away from them, chasing me. I’ve had about three now I think

don’t be afraid – these are special! i had another last night and its different than any other dream. my experience is very similar to what stephen above described – an urge in my gut followed by upward floating. what’s trippy for me – is yesterday i did a long sincere writing (i write) about feeling overwhelmed with situations and i even wrote a letter to god, the universe, about it and asked for answers – something i haven’t done in many months. Then I had this dream and in the dream I felt like I was learning a new skill – i kept practicing it. it felt like letting go, relaxing – the floating would only work if I relaxed and didn’t force it. It was a message for my life. Today i’m going to close my eyes and put myself back there and try to integrate the lesson of the dream. i believe its a tool.

In my dreams I used to take a step, but then wait before setting my foot down. This suspended step would send me floating just inches above ground. I’m always looking at other people in the dream, like I’m trying to be special about my flying ability.

The dreams evolved into me just hovering in air, going higher and higher until I got worried about how to get down. I must point out that these we’re good dreams. I felt really confident and enjoyed them.

When I was little, every time that I would dream, the ceiling above my bed would open up and I would float into the dream. Once, I remember flying over the city I live in with some people. I specifically remember a woman with a long, flowing gown and long, dark hair. Is this more than a dream? Could I have actually left my body? How would I be able to know what my city looks like from the air, since I have never been in an airplane in my life. Anyone have an answer?

i have floating dreams, but mine happens uncontrollably, i try to grab onto things but i cant get a grip and i want to get back to the ground but im stuck floating against the ceiling.

I had another dream where I was in a Jeep with a old friend of mine – she was driving the Jeep and we are a rough road. She told me , “Don’t worry, my Jeep is made for roads like this….” then as we were descending down a steep hill, the Jeep started to levitate up from the road and we were going up and up…soaring and soaring higher even above the tree tops!!! I told my friend, her name is Patty, that we were going too high…she told me don’t worry, we will land safely down. And we did.

This is one of many dreams I have had in my lifetime where I am floating up … time I was floating up in an elevator as it was going down; another time I was driving my kids on a country road where again, the road turned into a nice steep grade and the car lifted up and began to float over the road. I don’t know what in the world these mean….but the recurrence of the same theme is starting to concern me.

So today was sleeping normal fine I even take sleeping pills because I used to get bad dreams but lately I’ve been dreaming …
I was in a room over watching but at the same time I was being TAKEN over I couldn’t breath I started to see things. In the past I’ve had dreams with phantoms scramming at me I could hear the screaming … I was floating and falling I kept on saying to myself “This isn’t real isn’t real all my imagination ” then I fell back into my body I don’t like out of body experiences … some say when your soul leaves your body it sometimes can’t come back … idk I don’t like dreaming much anymore it always about people I don’t like or I miss so they’re reenactments of bad parts of my life … but with the sleeping pills lately no dreams …. I’ve been taking them.. and the dreams are back I hate it … I know I still dream either way the pills just make it so I can’t remember them …. but thanks … you just worried me more I’m 16 and scared …

As a little girl I often had dreams of floating in my bedroom all the way to the ceiling. Often I was able to leave my bedroom and float around the house we lived in then in my dream. I was happy and felt free. Often I was laughing and happy while floating around my house. When I woke from these dreams if felt as if someone had slammed me down on my bed. For some reason these dreams never scared me and I didn’t think they were unusual then. As an adult I have dreams of places I have never been ( usually houses). These dreams I have over and over to the point that I remember things about the house from the dreams before. Example : There was one house, like an old farm house, that had stair that led to an attic. The stair were wood and the railing of the stairs had a nail that was sticking out that I cut my arm on the first few times I had this dream. Later I had the dream and once I started up the stairs I was mindful of this nail from before. I also have dreams of events concerning people I know that later actually happen. Or dreams of people I have not seen in months or years and a fews days later I run into them. For many years I passed off dreams as your subconscious mind working out your problems, fears and stresses of life. However, I am now not so sure this is true. I also have very stressful dreams. The dreams where you are so busy in your dream that when you wake your feel tired still or they are so upsetting that you don’t want to sleep because you know you will dream. I have had sleeping problem due to this for the past few years. I have resorted to sleeping medication which helps the sleep and often I don’t remember my dreams at all or just vague fragments when I have taken medication to sleep. I am not afraid of these dreams like many people seem to be when this happens to them. But they are often confusing and distracting during the day while thinking about them and trying to figure them out. I don’t talk about them much with anyone because it seems the larger part of people don’t want to believe our dreams are nothing “real” or of significance. I don’t want anyone to think I am crazy. I just want to know if our dreams or something useful or just our imagination at work. Any thoughts?

I Fel AsSleep on a Sofa Chair And I Started Floating In The Air Floating/FlyingI Saw Girl Flying On a Unicorn While I Saw a Boy Flying a Jet Scooter Bike On The Other And Then I Was Hanging Out With The That So Raven Cast And Then 5 Minutes Later My Grandma Told Me Breakfast Is Ready And Thats When I Woke Up I Was Like Wow What a Awesome Dream!

AYears Ago I Fel AsSleep on a Sofa Chair And I Started Floating In The Air Floating/FlyingI Saw Girl Flying On a Unicorn While I Saw a Boy Flying a Jet Scooter Bike On The Other And Then I Was Hanging Out With The That So Raven Cast And Then 5 Minutes Later My Grandma Told Me Breakfast Is Ready And Thats When I Woke Up I Was Like Wow What a Awesome Dream!

okay i had a dream that somebody lifted me up into the air. so i was floating and below me there was a burning spider over a statue of Buddha. its so weird because i don’t dream usually. and then the night after that i had dream the world was falling apart, but i had all of my family with me and we were safe in these mountains. but i didnt have my step family with me, and every night we wre in the mountians a giant black bird attacked us. anybody know what these things might mean?

I regularly have the dream of floating. In it I am actually swimming through the air like it is water. I float/swim to the tops of buildings and then dive down to the street. I snake around people who are walking. In the dream I am so happy. I laugh and smile at everyone. It is a wonderful dream and I always cannot wait to have another. It usually starts with me walking down a flight of stairs and then I lean forward and I just start floating around. I love it. I am usually not a smiling laughing type of person, but in that dream, I am the exact opposite of my everyday personality. I know it means something, but I don’t care, I just love it…

I have dreampt various flying scenarios throughout my life. Flying through neighborhoods, some sort of fly hoping dream where I keep trying to stay up in the air but I get pulled back down uncontrollably etc.. Last night I had a new dream. All the sudden I’m float up pretty fast and without control. And I’m over what looks like a vast stretch of muddy water, maybe an ocean but not sure because I’ve never seen a murky ocean. I couldn’t see any land. I was float up fast and uncontrollably, the ocean/river whatever was getting further and further away. It felt exhilarating, no fear just vivid and over-whelming. I woke up unfortunately before take the dream further to see what was next. Maybe with luck I can rehash this lucid dream. Hopefully this was some sort of preliminary phase of astral projection or remote viewing. I’ve read that eating a light meal at dinner, being exhausted or somewhat sleep deprived can induce lucid dreams. Then I guess it’ll be up to me to take advantage of my lucid dream without getting over-whelmed and waking up. Any advice on bringing about lucid dreams would be greatly appreciated.

I too have had several dreams this year in which I was floating. The first time was a very short dream. I dreamed I was walking down a sidewalk and as I walked, my feet left the ground and I started to rise straight up. It really freaked me out. I just continued to float higher. When I got to cloud height, I got so scared I was going to fall, I woke up.
When I think about, all my floating dreams are short. Maybe I just don’t remember much.
My second floating dream, I remember walking up some stairs and I began to float. This time I felt in control. I just thought to myself that anyone can do this. All you have to do is concentrate in a certain way and it will happen. I just continued to float along just above everyone’s heads. I remember thinking to my self that this was a pretty cool power to have.
Last night I had my latest floating dream. I remember being in a factory. I lifted myself on to my tiptoes and just floated off slowly toward the ceiling. I remember feeling very confident in my ability to do this. It was just somethiing I knew how to do. When I got to the ceiling, I remember holding on to some pipes that were there and looking down at the workers down on the shop floor.
I really feel these dreams mean something. I just don’t know what. One thing that’s really strange is the similarities of my dreams and some of the others I’ve read here.

I had this dream almost every week if not more when I was age 4-6. I was a blue transparent spirit. I would lay on my belly on the ground and push off. Away I would move just inches off the ground. It was wierd. I would go outside my home and there was a few times I would have lost something when I was awake and I would find it when I was dreaming this. Then I would wake up and go get what I had lost. One time it was a pack of opened gum. The other was a plastic brown toy knife.

My dream was the first I ever had floating. I was in my bed and started floating toward the ceiling, floated to the corner, kicked off the wall, landed on my feet and was running for my mothers room which seemed like it was in another city. I kept calling for my mother over and over and she passed me in her wheel chair fussing because I didn’t close the door. This is strange to me because my mom passed away in 1995. This is scary. I am afraid to go back to sleep.

Oh yeah I just remembered. I was walking through the kitchen and saw a lot of stacked empty animal cages and remember saying “all the animals have gotten out. It was about 50 or so cages. What makes this so wierd is I don’t have any animals. I was in my room and everything was the same except for my corner shelf. It was gone. Someone please tell me what this means.

ive had alot of floating dreams, but this one was freaky! i was in my garden, standing in this spot and heard a deep sound saying ‘what is your wish?’ and i said i wish i ould fly! i got this wood plank thing and put it on my sholder, i was able to float (i didnt actully fly!) but i think the day after, the same place i was standing in my dream, a dead bird was there!!! i was well freaked outt!

i had a floating dream again and im scared that someone gunna diee! :(

i had a dream where i was out in the front yard of my grandparent’s house and i put my arms out and started to float up into the clouds. i look down and a cop car pulls up and samuel l jackson in black sunglasses and a black long coat comes out and starts shooting up at me but never hits me =[

just floating straight up as how a spaceship would seem to when its abducting things. i also had a dream where i saw a ufo when i was laying down on a grass field and one moment it took up the whole sky in transparent flashing lights like green and greed pink yellow in triangular shapes or squares and then it got smaller. mb it doesnt relate =X

Hello fellow projectors. This is meant for the people who do this in their room repeatedly time after time, and not so much the dream like one’s mentioned i.e seeing UFOs and the like.

I’ve been having sleep paralysis (or so its wrongly called) for 20 years now. It’s generally the same as your responses but over time it’s changed from the normal (if you can call it that) to the unique.

Ok what I’ve found out is,

It happens when I sleep on my back *ONLY!* So that’s why you wake up, falls asleep again and it repeats, “turn over people, it’ll stop” (: I noticed a lot of people saying they fell asleep on the couch and I would assume you do that on your back.

It’s a form of *Etheral* projection not Astral. So the loud noise is actually your ear structure disconnecting from your etheral body. You know the static like earthquake explosion you hear. A good analogy is a jack lead being pulled from a guitar amp.
This can be very scary but not life endingly so.

Concentrating on your vibration (if you like) helps control the height, just imagine you’re getting higher and higher, and also if you try to roll out of your body, that’s after you’ve managed to control the irrational fear that comes with this, you can leave your body also <possibly the easiest way out.

The person in the room with you is actually "you" or as Carl Jung would call it your shadow, and he's pissed off. Try to talk to him/her and it may show itself like mine does, but beware you might not want to know or ever meet them, but I love mine and that's the point to this whole thing I think.
Do you see just their feet or they're looming behind you just out of sight? The tricky little devils!!! or should I say YOU tricky devils?

One puzzling thing is whenever I try to document or study this, i.e. note the direction I’m laying, what I've eaten, if I've been drinking before bed. Then it doesn't happen.

My final proposition is it about us evolving and becoming more spiritual beings (please don't think I’m a mad new age'er as I'm not, I'm quite rational) I just had this terrifying thing happen for so long, so often, I just wasn't frightened by it any more, but then the fun began and I was introduced to so much.

Ha, wait till you meet the other Etheral beings hanging around on the plain, but you'll have to conquer yourself first for that to happen, and try not to attack them, they can't hurt you and just might have something important to tell you.

If you would like to know more about this from me then I'd be more than happy to go into some of the details of how it can be done or way’s I found to cope and also my own harrowing experiences (that I actually wake from feeling very pleased with myself). Then email me as I would also like to know yours and learn more about this fascinating human experience.

Now just for the people thinking they’re having premonition of impending deaths, relax it’s not the case. You’re just having a very scary thing happen to you that we just don’t fully understand yet. Seriously, you have to earn powers like that apart from the few that already have :P possibly in other lives.

I hope this help you all,

Ow one big thing I forgot to mention is the not being able to breath part, possibly the worst part of all. just relax, stay calm (<the key) and concentrated on breathing slowly and deeply if you can, You'll start off only being able to breath horribly shallowly but over time you'll be able to breath normally. If it becomes all too much to handle, then try and jerk your leg to wake up. Takes a lot of patients and determination to do but it's how I wake from it.

ok here goes
I hope someone can explain this for me.Ever since I was a young child just before I go to sleep I would feel myself floating towards the ceiling I really enjoyed the experience and over the years I learnt to bring it on myself.I would never leave the room or anything like that just this floating sensation.
About 8 years ago I started looking into astro/etheral projection got a book on it and gave it a try I believe it worked as i floated out of the room out my front door down the street and so on … then I got scared and wanted it to stop next thing I knew I was back in my bed and there was a complete stranger there I was terrified I screamed at him asked who he was etc he laughed and said he was James ……..I know this sounds crazy but I felt he was for the want of a better word Evil….I started to lose the plot and then I woke up ………
I eventually convinced myself that it had all been a dream and tried to forget about it
A few months later I started to make myself float one night in bed just as I was reaching the ceiling someone grabbed hold of me and started pulling me and pushing me so that I was bouncing off the walls and I could make it stop and I couldnt get back down I try to scream put I am paralised it was awfull.
I have never since made myself float but it can still happen occassionally on its own and I am always pushed and pulled around like a rag doll……………
Can anyone explain what is happening as I really miss the sense of relaxation I previously got from this now I am too afraid to attempt it anymore and I dread the next time it will happen again
Any explainations PLEASE…………………….

sorry I meant to say I couldnt make it stop when I was being thrown around in the post above

i’ve been having floating dreams for years in them i’m usually being chased and i escape by floating above who ever is chasing me kind of hoovering above them 9 times out of ten it’s a gang that chases me or police

Last night was the first time I had a floating/hovering dream. I was floating or hovering above the ground, and was amazed that I could do such a thing. When I moved, itwas not fast. Ii was in a public place and was thrilled, yet amazed that I could hover/float. I questioned people about it (in my dream) and was told that very few people could do it. Only people who refused to believe in gravity!
When I woke up, it seemed so real, that I wonderd if I could float. Common sense kicked in and I didn’t nose dive to the gound. A nice shower helped!
Today I had a medical test which had me on edge and posibly prompted the dream. I read that floating dreams are siritual and mean you are going to overcome something seemingly difficult.

ihad this dream where iwas in aroom with my brother & sister who no longer live with us, and then asnake was chasing me around the room very fast but iwas able to move freely in aroom that was fully furnished,the snake nearly caught me & istarted floating up the ceiling,out of reach of the snake & it just hissed coz iwas out of its reach, my brother & sister were just watching helplessly, and then out of no where alittle snake came and started fighting with the big snake,ihad this feeling that this little snake was fighting for me, the big snake bit it on the neck,asit was dying my brother took aknife & cut its head, & ifloated back to earth, & the asked me how it was possible for me to float , i answered them saying they too they can float only if they believed…. idont know what the dreams mean?

Hello. I have a recurring floating dream that is different from the flying dreams I’ve had in the past. The flying dreams are more pleasant and fun whereas the floating dreams are quite frustrating and I’m usually trying to grab on to something to keep myself from floating to the ceiling or higher. I’m always with other people and I’m the only one that gravity seems to have lost all affect on. Everyone else is standing like normal and my feet go straight up into the air, I turn upside down and grasp for anything to stay on the ground. Last night I had this dream and I was in a bar ordering a drink. I was trying to pay the bartender but it was kind of hard since I kept floating away and I was trying to get at my wallet while being upside down.

Wow. I love these treading air dreams of mine! They are like a special power that I have. I enjoy showing others, in my dreams, that I can ‘tread’ air. Unbelievers are in awe. They wish they could do it too, but they can’t. It feels so real….like I can just almost bring it back with me in the waking hours. I have pretty much always remembered my dreams. Colors, names, events, ect…except if I am under a great deal of stress. What do the moving above the ground and others mean? My son, 11 years old, believes that it means that you are rising in your life, career, whatever, and doing a good job of it and that others like to see you rise and that you will go as far as you like. My daughter, 12, thinks that a stressor must have been released in your life, and now you feel free of it and everyone can see that.I wonder if those who dream of mastering air (not those who are afraid of it) are a more fearless people in general? Are they more outspoken? Move to their own beat? That is me. I will try to sleep and dream of an answer. Maybe we are all part of a tribe.

Ever since I was a child I have had dream of me floating that I really felt like I can. When I was in second grade I remember telling everyone that I can float but only down stairs lol. Recently they have came back and are reoccurring every night. The situation is different but the way I make my self float is the same. It is like I hold my breath and push down with my insides to make me weigh less and I can float. Most of the time I float to the top of the ceiling. I am normally always telling people in my dream that I can float hey watch what I can do type of things. Who knows maybe if I try really hard I can do this in real life.

I always get this dream of floating in the air and go around all the streets and enjoy the way I do it, hope I could have done this. The only fear is I am not able to get down when I want to and just keep floating all the time. This is the only dream I get almost from my 5th Grade, though not every day….

Please approve this comment =P

i always get this dream that i am running too fast and the last step that i had taken that pushed me far away from the ground level. and whenever i want to come down i can.. what does it mean?

I always have a dream that i start floating then i get this weird feeling inside me like somthing tryna pull me out of my body

when i was younger my house was haunted and me and my family had alot of unexsplained events that happned there i can always remember a voice calling my name but when i moved house about 11 years ago it all stopped but 2 day ago i was sleeping and in my dream i felt something grap my arms and legs and i was floating and it looked like the way jesus is on the cross it was so scary
after a few minuets into the dream my whole body got shot through the ceiling and right out through my roof and i could see the clouds just dissapear at my feet
i really thought i had died and was going to heaven but when i woke up i was sweating and i was out of breath it was really scary

I had a dream once that it was my cousin’s fourth birthday and she was filling some balloons next to our grandfather. She then grabbed hold of a yellow and a red one and floated off, never to be seen again. I woke up crying and had a hard time falling asleep after that. What does it mean?

I have numerous dreams that I am floating in the air. Usually I am in an area with a bunch of rooms with people I dont know and some I do. But I float continuously from room to room. Then I will wake up so it seems like I am awake but I am not and then continue to float. Finally it ends. So weird & scarey!

I had the strangest dream, that my garden fencing was taken away to be replaced by another, never saw the new one but I remember it was such a vivid dream. What does that mean?

I have always enjoyed my floating dreams. My first was when I was around 10. I was slowly hopping from one giant bubble to another. Since then, my brain will do anything to feel weightless. I have dreamed of scuba diving, being in space and other places. I’m never with anyone else, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the weightlessness – never scared.

I don’t weigh much, but I do have painful joint issues. I’m thinking this is my brain’s way of making my body have knowlege of no gravity-induced pain. Usually I will wake-up and savor the feeling.

I dream I’m floating quite often. I’ll be walking along and I just decide to float for awhile and I’ll be only inches or a foot off the ground. I touch down if I want and I can also float very high if I want. I’ve had these dreams for years, and haven’t had a death in the family (or any friends) in a long, long time. I love these dreams as they always make me feel relaxed and powerful at the same time.

In my dream, I was trying to get to class on time, so I struggled to sprint on the floor, b/c I kept floating up in the air each step I took on the ground. Every time I pushed off from the ground, I kept floating longer, and it was just a frustrating experience for me. My mom told me I dream this way, b/c I’m having a lot of stress and things aren’t going the way I want.

I have floating dreams all the time. Been dreaming this way for years and over the last year it has been happening more frequently. I am always floating over something beautiful like oceans or mountains. I do not believe it is a premonition of death because the dreams are joyful however I notice that I am always escaping from something not evil but just unpleasant.

my dream I could float/fly I could sometime cotrole were I was going and other times in my dream I would just move with the wind. It was a long dream I floated all over washington state. The only thing that is odd is when I tryed to fly or when I tryed to land I had trouble it took forever to get realy high in the air and I had to move my legs up form hit low objects. It was a fun dream

I had a dream that I was waking up on a coach , bearly waking up everything was bright and I could hear “holy” music playing softly I could feel what you could say my spirit floating up ! But I wouldn’t let my spirit go yet I just keep repeating not yet not yet . Then I woke up , wired right ?

Weird, I’ve actually had two dreams so far where I was floating. I always dream though. But in this one I was in my backyard and my mom had a pool set up and I was floating around it and guiding myself to pick up the things she would throw in. I had full controll on where I was going. Then I drenpt I jumped off a sky scraper and I was smiling and just falling but I could still float.

I was floating above the city in which me and my x girlfriend of five years (off and on) live in. We were holding eachother just floating over the city… i remember feeling happy, peaceful…. but in reality our friendship is not that. it is nearly non existent. we floated for what seemed like forever.. then we went to bed. and it was amazing. any ideas on what this could mean?

Please help me to figure out the meaning of this dream.I dreamed that my mother had died and so I was riding with my cousin to look for a house.We found a house and in my dream the house was in an old neighborhood where my aunt used to live (she passed Christmas 2010).We went inside the house and when we got inside my aunt (who I just mentioned) and my dad wo is alive now were staying together in this house.As me and my cousin looked around I said I rememberthis house,I used to see ghost in this house and my cousin said so did I,I remember deceased aunt was lying in bed under the cover.I turned to look into the mirror (which was very old like from the 70′s) and I saw someone walking toward me in th mirror but they seemed so far away.As they got a little closer it was my other aunt who passed away when I was about 5 (im now 37)she pointed at me and said “I’m coming sherita” and then I woke up. This dream has been thinking and wondering what does this mean?

Last night I dreamed that it was dark in the night and as I looked at the muddy river, I decided to go in for a swim. I was not scared and started humming. The river became the ocean and it was very quiet and calm with moonlight reflection in the water. I started floating on the ocean looking at the sky and and felt great peace. I could see the stars, there was no sound but me humming.

Last night I dreamed that it was dark in the night and as I looked at the muddy river, I decided to go in for a swim. I was not scared and started humming. The river became the ocean and it was very quiet and calm with moonlight reflection in the water. I started floating on the ocean looking at the sky and and felt great peace. I could see the stars, there was absolutely no sound.

Several years ago I used to dream I was floating to the ceiling and all night I would try to crawl back down the wall, then I would float right back up. I had this dream alot. I found out about that time I had a thyroid condition and started taking thyroid medication. I have not had the dream since. I happened to be helping my elderly aunt and uncle get rid of some old items and I picked up a 1964 Family Circle magazine and found a thyroid article. The article said the woman’s skin became pallid and cool to touch, her nails had a tendency to split, face and hands were puffy, she was nervous and weak and the smallest problems seemed beyond her. A statement she made also was “It’s as if I were flying on the ceiling and looking down on myself below and I’m always cold” The magazine states such symptoms are typical of an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism and one that is far from uncommon. I am happy to be rid of the floating dreams that I used to have.

I have had this floating /drifting dream since i was a child. it started by being raised up by an angel and now in dreams, I will sometimes know I can rise above any situation, sometimes showing others what I can do. I believe this is based mostly on spirituality. This actually is our ability when we are not attached to the body. In sleep, we will detach at least a few times a month just for a break. A recharge, so to speak so we can continue in this world. Everyone does this. We just don’t have memory of it and if we do, it will manifest itself in a dream that we can not always understand. Our brains are physical so this experience is remembered on if our brains can make sense of it. Sometimes, it makes not much sense at all on our physical plane. This dream tells us that no matter how hard life can get, we have the power to rise above it..if you are the one controlling your ability. If you are being lifted and raised up against your will, you are either being taught to Let Go and Let God to teach you this ability because you are out of control and you are being shown that you are. You guide wants you to trust them to teach you how to rise above circumstances. I remember many years ago, I was laying in bed not yet asleep and some one took my hand and started pulling me out of my body to lift me up. I got spooked and pulled back.;-) I should have let go and trusted. I wish I knew what i was about to be shown.;-)

So for me. I remember having this dream about me floating in the sky. I would just be standing there and I would start to float high into the sky. I see most of you were either spooked out or scared. But I wasn’t I felt at peace but now to think about that, that is kinda creepy.

i remember when I was younger i’d have this reaccuring dream when I was about 5 or 6 and my dream was getting outta bed, going to the stairs and just jumping down them like i’m flying. Like superman almost i could say. Then later on when I kept having a dream, I got up, went to those stairs, and saw a little girl screaming and being dragged at the bottom of them. And I jumped down all the stairs but this time I rolled down them and I felt ALLOT of pain. And that kept happening, Then when I got older, I started dreaming like I was in an intense situation, and i’d try picking something up and interacting with it, but as much as i tried, it just wouldn’t work out with myself. I kept telling myself frustartedly what i’m supposed to do, but I just couldn’t for some reason like my body kinda had a mind of its own almost. One time I was supposed to take a pen and write it but everytime I picked it up, it would feel weird in my hand and i’d drop it. Then finally one night everything started cooperating with me, but a little girl kept coming to me in my dreams, and everything in actual life just kept feeling duller and duller, and then i kept having dreams of things that happened the very next day, like just a motion and it felt like Deja Vou.

one time i had a dream where i was standing there then i floated out in to a bunch of clouds, i didn’t float up i floated back (this happened twice first blue then pink clouds) but eveything just dissapered from sight and i was floating nothing around me, i couldn’t move or do anything. I don’t know why this happened but it just, i can’t explain the feeling. what does this mean?

i have had about thesame except i can control the floating like i would sitin mid air and i could control it, its really freaky

Hi there, it’s been bugging me lately that I have had repetitave dreams about how I show people I can float, I encourage them to try it, and then I show them how “easy” it is. I never float outside – always inside a building and in my dreams I am able to control my “floating” – this is all just so weird and kind of freaks me out a little. I hope that you can explain this to me.
Many regards,
Adeline (Western Cape – South Africa)

Ive had dreams like these too… but im 15…One time it happened about…. some months ago i was running from a man and it was dark , i was running up the street then all of a sudden i started floating in the air and it was very dark but he couldnt reach me i felt so safe .. he was like a pervert or something you know? then it happened again last night but this one was totally random and only happened in one part of my dream…. i was floating above everyone in the back of my building i could see the grass,door, and the fence the street lights too but it was very dark and i kept moving my feet to go higher.

i ‘have had dreams of floating from the time i was a kid. Once i was floating through space and i could actually smell space! There has been many other ones i could write a book on them, but here is the one that really scared me kinda the same a margies story. I had got out of my body and staring at it not sure if i was dead i was screaming at myself to wake up! for some reason i was at my aunts house it use to be my grandmas and the room was set up just like it was when she was alive. I was scare and in a panic so i floated into the kitchen and who was there my GRANDMA! My grandma was talking to my husband saying how she really liked him (he has never met her she was already passed away before we met) and then she says you have to make her quite her job if she dont she will die, husband replies i have been trying but you know she is really stubborn, grandma replies yes i know she is just like me. well i am screaming at them both to go wake me up and screaming wake me up they didnt hear me well when the went into the room they ran out called 911 but the whole time in the ambulance i never made it to the hospital, then somehow my mom found me and took me to the hospital then i woke up. I am really scared and freaked out about this dream if anyone can help me figure it out i am open to all suggestions i can hardly sleep because of this. my floating dreams have never ever scared me before they have always been wonderful and loved having them.

I dream often of hovering, jumping to reach a hovering state and flying… I actually move my arms (like a bird) to gain air and tonight as well as the last two times I had this sort of dream, I was trying to show people that I could actually fly or hover. It feels liberating but it also feels like I’m trying to help someone see or realize truth because they have so much doubt. I do love those dreams though.

Well, I had a very long dream but the part that interested me more was at teh end I was floating, but before that I took a pill and this guy that was there throughout the whole dream took two and I followed him out the window. It was night time and all we did was hug each other and mumble that youre my best friend things like that I love you . I dont understand Im not in love, I dont even like anyone Maybe that guy in the dream was the love of my life (in the dream)

In my dream, I was running from a group of people trying to catch me, but I wasn’t scared. My friend and I split directions to make them choose one of us to follow, and I knew I couldn’t run fast enough. I waited until they were right behind me, then I jumped 15 or 20 feet into the air! It was an amazing feeling. I kept climbing the hill in the air, like I was jumping from cloud to cloud, higher and higher, only there were no clouds. A couple of times I would float back down, then jump higher again, until I reached the top. I felt controlled, like I could float anywhere I wanted :) I felt free.

dreamt that my dog shedded all her hair and teeth.
She was looking like a new breed i never saw before, but she was happy as she normally was, it was like she didn’t even notice that it had happen.

I had a dream i was like kind of underwater but not nd this sting ray came along and started chasing me i was soooooo scared it seemeed to be really anry and attracted to me for some reason then i started running and i started moving my leg and arms and floating in the air kid of like i was swimming but in air and i started to float onto this tower thing znd i was safe for a few seconds but then the sting ray found a way to get up there then a like different animal started chasing me but it was weird because this animal was like a tiger or something not a sea creature and then i woke up but it was annoying beause i couldnt escpe this was like a time when i was in a stage of my life were i as a bit sad and had negative thoughts so mabee it was about thaat

i keep on having these dreams where im always outside and never in! So i float all the way up to the sky and its really horrifying cause it seems so real. I try swimmimg, kicking anything to get back down but i just keep going higher until i wake up in the biggest panic! Ive had these dreams for the last month and its making me not wanna sleep anymore…

I had the scariest dream last night. My soul was pulled out of my body. My soul looked like a very bright light. I remember feeling very angry that this force had pulled my soul from my body. I was trying to get back into my body. Getting angier and angier, I finally managed to make it back into my body. The force that had pulled my soul out of my body got very angry that I had made it back in that it took me and spun me around so fast that I turned into this ball of white light and then I exploded. I woke up and I have never been more scared in my life. What does this dream mean? It is really bothering me, I need to know. Please help.

In my dream I am laying on my bed, but I don’t feel asleep, since I’m doing the exact same thing I had been doing before I fell asleep. All of a sudden I feel weightless and begin to raise up, almost like I’m lifted up. At first I’m afraid but then I give into the feeling and become almost euphoric. I gently float down to the floor at the foot of my bed then I’m on the bed again awake. I have had dreams similar to this in my youth, but in the last week I have had this dream twice.

I wrote out my dream when I awoke, but wrote it to the person in my dream:

We were heading around the streets and you asked which way and I told you, but I wasn’t exactly sure and in my doubt, you didn’t take the turn I suggested, but went straight ahead. I knew that was a dead end, and I told you, but you headed that way anyway and there was a fork to the right (dead end was straight) and you took it…it was like a boat ramp. We’d been talking so I didn’t notice, but I looked down to the left and there was this most beautiful waterfall and I said wouldn’t it be nice if we could land over there. It was the bluest, glassiest looking water and as we got nearer it turned into more rapid waters and connected to the falls, kind of scary, but not scary.

Then it came to me that we couldn’t be driving the truck there and I looked down and there was the river (the gorge?) below. I was concerned, but not really frightened…but I brought it to your attention since you didn’t seem to notice anything wrong about it. When I asked, how can we be doing this, you just smiled and acted like it was no big deal. We kept moving through the air. You were wearing a white bathrobe and I was holding onto you in your arms. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The colors were stunning. We kept “floating” downstream/in air and while we started out sitting apart from each other in the truck, we seemed to be getting closer and closer. I was then sitting on your lap with my arms around your neck. And you kissed me.

It was so much like this most beautiful kissing scene in Notorious, with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. The most romantic on screen kiss ever. Not wild, passionate, just romantic and loving. I can’t describe the feeling. It was like “void” of any sort of human feeling…I mean, I noticed how beautiful the waterfall, canyon, river, sky, trees, etc. were, and I was smiling, but, it was like there was no pain, just peaceful. Nothing extreme. Just happiness. And it felt like we were falling in love, mutually.

It was so unbelievable—something I’ve never known or felt. And something I certainly have never dreamed. And as I awakened, I could then “feel” my body…that kind of feeling where you wake up with not enough sleep, maybe a little hang over. And that’s when I knew it had been a dream. It seemed so real up to then. But that awakening was like a spirit that had been free of its “shell” and then returned to its material world.

For anyone wanting to interpret this, I have been *in love* with this person since I was 11 (over 40 years ago), but he had not reciprocated. We recently met up again after many years and have spent a little time together, but he kissed me after a date a week ago and has not returned my calls or emails. I wrote him a long letter and sent it to his house. He may well have gotten it by now. I’d been anxious about the letter, and then this dream made me feel happy. Even if he doesn’t reciprocate now, I will have this dream and return to it over and over.

I had a few floating and out of body dreams or experiences after our cars kept geting broken into at our house. I would try to stay awake to watch outside sometimes, then I would fall asleep and start floating around my house down my stairs and towards my front door. Like I was protecting my house in my sleep. I would try to wake up but I was paralyzed and couldn’t move and when I tried to yell nothing would come out of my mouth, I was crying in my sleep and no one could hear me. I also had other dreams where I was at my mother’s house who passed away and I was floating around her living room. I can remember vividly what everything looked like in my dream or OBE. sometimes I will float down my street in my neighborhood or find myself in places that I have never seen before. It is very scary to me because it feels like I am dying in my sleep and I can’t wake up. When I was young one time, and fully awake while in the car with my mom and step dad, I told them I wanted to call home, someone was in our house, they told me to knock it off, thought I was kidding, I kept suggesting that she give me money to call our house to see if someone answered, she refused. As we pulled into our driveway, 3 men ran out the back of our house, our house way getting robbed. I will never forget the intense feeling I had to call home that day, and I wished my parents would have listened to me. we could have called the cops ahead of time.

after years of having hovering and or flying dreams I had to look it up to see if many people have the same dreams and as frequently. I saw this site and read a few of these posts. I have never posted before on anything but this is such a powerful thing I just wanted to share my experiences to see if anyone gets it, meaning gets what I get out of it. I’m usually l lucid when I have these dreams, meaning I seem to be aware of myself and by that I mean my sleeping physical self is aware of my awake subconscious self. I know that because I, in almost every one of these dreams, tell myself in my dream to remember how to do this when I wake up. I am so convinced when I wake up that I can do it that I stand in disbelief that I couldn’t do it. The memory of how to do it fades so fast that by the time get out of bed it is gone. The next time I have a hovering/flying dream and I begin to lift up I always say now I remember and then tell my self to remember how to do it. In my dream I can hover or fly in any direction fast or slow. But not always. When I was younger I could only hover and my feet had to be toward the ground as if I were standing. Then I could maneuver but only slowly. Then I started the dreams where I would tell myself to remember and then I started to remember in my dream that I know how to do this and after some years I have somehow retained memories in my dream of past dreams of flying and it has become easy to control not only my flying movements and speed but in many cases I controlled the dream knowingly. Whatever this flying thing means, and I’m sure there are endless meaning, one thing is always the same it feels amazing and I have the best day afterwards, like the day was tailored for me.

MY Dream i can remember it very well , the night i dreamed that i was floating , I’ts started in front of my house i just remember being in my front yard when i started walking down the steps to the sreet when i started to float, first i went straight up the after , i remember feeling someone trying o grab my feet and pull them down, i as i was being pulled down and kicked the hands away and srated to float up again, but which was kinda scary is that i was going up and down n like 9 feet were they can grab my feet , so then i made high enough were i started to float down my street right above the telephones polls, i remember just gliding very slow and feeeling very excited the and the end of the block i turned aroung in the air and went back the same direction but this time there was no , i would say they were like monsters or demons of some sort was very weird and scary, But i think i could mean alot of things , i personally feel it was a good dream becouse i avoided the hands trying to take me down, and i floated away to the sky.. Happy dreaming everyyone.

I saw a dream in the wee hours of this morning – most of the objects of the environment i was standing were suspended in the air.uprooted tall trees with their tops out of visibility above, stay suspended in the air with their gigantic roots hanging just an arms-length away from me. I mostly saw trees this way.. the perspective gave me a gigagntic view of the roots – which taper-out to be semi-viweable tree tops really far above- every few steps i take. i also saw other meterial objects like motorcycles and cars suspended in the air as well.. can anyone explain this dream to me? it looked so eerie scary..

I, in my dream I saw myself flying in one room of my house , I didn’t see me from my eyes I saw me from another persons eyes ,but the person was not there it was just me floating by myself ,all alone.what does that mean?

This is a message from my daughter. I am concerned about astral travel for one so young.

in my dream, i knew i was dreaming but couldnt move shout or wake up from it,as if i was paralyzed,then i started floating at the end of my bed in my dream,but only in one certain spot in the corner,i couldnt move or wake up from my dream,this really scared me,any one no what this specific dream could mean,

i wnna make a car which can float above the ground for may be 5 mts . any guidelines will be welcomed

its notta drm .i wanna realise this idea this is my baby i want it to grow into reality

Mine is strange, and recurring. I take off, as if to fly, but I get into the air, and can’t control my flight. It feels more like floating, but I have no control. This dream comes to me two or three times per week, and is the only one I remember really vividly. Don’t know what it means.

my dream was like a dream inside of a dream. I was dreaming that I was dreaming… and inside my inside dream, I was floating(hope that makes sense to you). I was afraid and wanted to stop but everything I tried to grab hold of, I seemed to not be able to grasp it securely. I would stop in mid air and try to get down/land and wouldn’t be able to position my body in an upright position. I was always on my back except for when I would try to land then I would just spin and end up on my back again. There were people in my dream, but I can’t remember if they could see or hear me. Also, I seemed to be aware that I was dreaming of floating inside of another dream and was trying to wake up myself on the inside dream (hope that makes sense) what does this mean?

had this happen to me years ago as I woke up to go to the bathroom, then found myself in the ceiling trying to get down to the floor. I felt no fear other than wanting to get down cuz i knew this was not normal. Opened the door to the bedroom, saw daylight, at that time I knew I had lost a few hours I could not account for… crawled back to bed just to wonder what he heck just happened.

Just had a dream that husband floated to a very high ceiling in a tall foyer area. He was stuck up there against his back & couldn’t get down. Then another smaller young man was pulled up next to him. Currently, husband has been in the hospital for a month. Wondering if the dream means he could go either way at this point…live or die??

Wow. I am glad I found this site and able to read some situatiions similar to mine. About 12 years ago when I was in the military and in my late 20′s I had a dream that my soul was pulled out of my body and lifted towards the ceiling. When I reached the ceiling whatever was pulling me kept pulling and puliing but I would not go through. All the while I could see my body still laying in bed. After awhile whatever was pulling me let go and I slowly floated down back to my body. This all happened in my bedroom and I could see everything very clearly. Soon after that dream I found out I had cancer and was treated. I was also going through a separation so I was very stressed. I’ve never forgottten this dream.

Lately, I have been having some pretty disturbing dreams but two nights ago, I had another dream where I again was being pulled through a white ceiling but this time I could not see see my body or I had no idea where I was. I was just being pulled through a white ceiling and whatever was trying to pull me through could not and then let me go. I then woke up and just laid in bed pretty scared.

I was lying in bed with my eyes closed but not sleeping and I could feel something pulling my body up to float but I wouldn’t let it pull me up. I was scared then opened my eyes but never seen anything in the room. This is the first time this happened to me and would like you to tell me what you think happened to me. Thank You

I had a dream last night that i was about 3 feet from the floor and floating I could not get down ….. I was angsous (sp) and all of a sudden hands grabbed me and I felt kind of like lps were kissing my hans…. weird ! scary

I dream I can float, and it is so real, I sometimes find myself trying it in real life. It isn’t like levitating or anything, but just floating above everything. It is such an awesome feeling, I sometimes wonder if it is what the rapture of the church will be like… I know it will be much faster, but wow, it is just so cool to be able to float like that and so real!

I had a lot of dreams where I was floating around in a room with objects floating around me when I first started having such dreams in my twenties. Then my dreams switched from a room in a house to airplanes such as passenger and cargo jets. I didn’t think much about them until I had turned 50. Doors opened for me where I did indeed get to take 4 zero gravity flights with our shuttle astronauts and cosmonauts. 2 of my flights took place in the U.S and the other 2 took place in Russia fulfilling the dreams where I was floating in airplanes. The cargo jet ones were shockingly accurate. I’m glad that I started keeping dream diaries back in April of 1974. Otherwise I would not have anything to showed such accurate dream fulfillments. Even the room in the house floating dream was very accurate because of my movements, sensations and things really floating around. So my dreams were fulfilled as a result of these 4 zero gravity flights and interpretation was never the case with me.

About 8 minutes ago I dreamt of me just sleeping than I hear my bestfriend and my brother (older) talking in my room. I stayed in sick from school today and I heard them saying, “he’s not really sleeping, yeah he’s just faking it. Get up get up.” than I thinking they were in my room said, “whoever is in my room please get out.” this is when it started happening, I felt like I was going to sit up on my own and when I got to the sitting position I started floating up. I let myself float, than two times i thought I woke up but I couldn’t move and I kept struggling looking at the curtains. I ended up perfectly in my bed looking at the curtains in my room.

I think most of you have had out of body experiences. One in four people have atleast one experiences.Thats alot of people!.

i have had several dreams of floating in my moms house which now she is gone up to heaven but i keep having this occuring dream me floating around from room to room and once i got to her room at then end of the hall it was so dark and cold i woke up. weird, why am i dreamin of this

I also had a dream last night I was sleeping in my bed an woke up close too the ceiling could not get down my body was parallel to the floor like I was still lying down the only thing that troubles me is that it was so life like got up with my heart pounding really hard not sure what to make of it yet just it was kind of crazy I’ve had other dreams like falling through the air but pretty much most of them I was able to sum what manipulate them at least a little not this one this is one of a kind

Last night my drean was i was floating down dark hall ways. around corners over and over like i was trying to get away from some one breathing.. sound like my husband. My had husband passed 2010 I was trying to get away from the breathing sound. I’m dealing with his death very well he was in so much pain it was a blessing. he had lung cancer

Im 13 now and i havent had this dream since i was about 7, i would always fall asleep in my sisters bed and i dont know if what i saw was the whole dream or the end of it i would always be floating on my back and i was at my ceiling and then i would be slowly falling but i was watching myself fall and my body was still on the bed but my spirit was like in the air and whenever my spirit or whatever would be about to make contact with my body i would all the sudden not be watching myself anymore i would be the spirit thingy and as i made contact with my body i would wake up and almost fall out of the bed i had this dream over and over again when i was very young about a year ago maybe not quit a year i had this dream i was in a glass elavator and my body would be floating up as the elevator was going down and there was like this chair thingy in the elavator that would always float up with me and i wouldent be able to stop the elavator it would just keep going and then just as the elavator was about to crash to the ground it would stop and i would stop floating and be just standing in the elavator again these dreams never really seemed scary to me but now i relize that the ones i had when i was like 7 were kinda an out of bodt expirence and that really scares me

ive been having the same dream about floating since i was young. im with a crowd of friends and then my body just starts going up and i try to stay i be holding on to people or cars trying to stay down. sometimes i can control it in my dreams i can make myself levitate or float away while still being low and the tip of my toes touches the ground. ive always wondered what it meant its very scary!

i had this amazing dream of being on either a tropical island or some tropical place it was oo beautiful swimming with sharks and snorkling water was gorgeous green amd blue,, i am having a hard time remembering all the details but i seemed to be very very familiar with this place and was walking around gift shops n such listening to other peoples conversations and thinging critically to myself but not saying anything and i cant remember what happend but i was extremely happy about something that happend and my mom was there and my sister but i couldnt see there faces and i started floating just above the water surface with my body almost contorted , had my hand above my head and legs streched out with my back bent and i was spinning like dancing almost it felt soo good and real and my mom and sister were yelling at me not to go too far out the sharks get meaner the farther you go and i felt that if i stopped my spin dance floating i would fall into the water and that frightend me but only for a split second it felt like cintrifical force i know the spelling is wrong ” sintrifical ” i donty know but then i woke up almost felt like i was reliving a past life i was someone else plese help i really want to know the meaning of this floating just above the surface and spinning or dancing whatever it was :)

I have dreams of floating, levitating, and flying. When I was young(now in my mid 50′s) it used to scare me. but now, it feels so awsome, so peaceful so real. I test myself in my dreams by moving something to another room, which is extremly hard to move my arms and when I wake up I look to see if the object is there. It never is. I only float about 3 feet off the floor. I’m always in a house. Never outside. If I’m flying, Ive learned to control how high I want to fly. Flying is always outside and mostly involves flying from house to house or in a forrest. Last night a dreamed I was floating and made myself float again and again. But it’s hard to move my arms or body. Its so calming and peaceful. It happens more often when taking a nap. I dont understand it, but it feels amazing. but yesterday I slept until 1:00 PM and wanted to wake up and I couldnt. I had to force myself awake. I did NOT like that feeling of making myself wake up. I wanted to stay floating.

the dream i have ive had a few variations of its the action of being pulled into the air im interested in. the first case i was in an old castle like house and was pulled fast and high into the air by a ghost. found that scary. the second was outside in the street, pulled uncontrollably into the air above the streets and then further off. but this time i was in some ones kitchen and was only pulled enough by the waist to raise my heals. im always in a dream before pulled into the air

my last comment was December 31,2012. I am so facinated by everyons thoughts. But I’d like to hear from someone who actually enjoys this experience. Get excited when it happens. Very aware of themself and can contol their floating or flying. Get butterflys in there stomach because it so awsome.

When I have my floating dreams, I can direct where I want to go. I am so happy in my dreams, I say hello to people, I experience calmness and peace.

I had a dream the other night where i was floating above myself just below the ceiling i couldn’t control it but i was just there watching myself sleep

I had a dream last night that I floated to the ceiling and even felt
the touch of it. I even saw a fly or a bug flying around. Info recall praying before to God. Not sure what it meant but it kind of
scared me. I really have odd dreams, but this one was so real
and I wish I knew why. And I am not on any meds or drugs or alcohol, so any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

I don’t want to scare anybody, but my niece dream she was floating and nobody could see or hear her. A few weeks later she died in a car accident. Might just be a coincidence but kinda scary. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?

I have these reoccuring dreams that I’m in a room with a bunch of people and I always show them what I can do. I flap my arms a little and then I’m in the air floating around staying in the air. And no one else can do it. Every one thinks its so cool! And I just stay up as long as I can

my dream last night was my boyfriend has another girl kissing with him while sitiing on his lap, what does my dream means?

again another floating dream but I’m always flat like lying flat on a bed. And I could race my body up and down the stair really fast. The faster I floated the greater the pleasure I felt. No one is ever around to see me. I try to move outside to float but I cat get the door s open, It’s very hard to wake my self up even though I know I’m floating. I slept until 4:00 PM.

Today I was laying on my couch and a friend of mine was over and I happened to fall asleep on my couch. I began having a very common floating dream. In these dreams i merely concentrate on floating and my height is determined by the intensity of my concentration. I will often show people this ability to the people in the dreams, surprised that they are unaware that they have this ability, all they have to do is tap into the power of the 90% of our minds we usually do not use. In this particular dream i was in the far right corner of the room near the ceiling and i was painting the wall. As i looked down at my bare feet hovering 4 feet above the ground i thought “what am i doing that let’s me float like this?” Answer in my head was ” no biggie it is just like a maglev train, all i am doing is measuring the electomagnetic current emminating from the ground beneath me and matching that frequency within my body to the polar opposite”. Then i thought, what about all those folks who minds can not tap into this knowledge? I was lucid enough to realize I was dreaming and was able to know and remember that i was on my couch dreaming and their was actually another person there in my home. Decided i had to wake up and tell her this insight. I was able to convince myself to wake up, mind you this part is really happening, i woke up looked at my friend look at my friend yelled out what i thought was important immediately Layback down and went right back to sleep. When I did wake up I asked i asked her if i yelled anything a few minutes ago? She looked at me and said yeah sat straight up looked right at me and said “remind me it is all in magnetic shoes”. It made sense to me but he thinks i am crazy . In my dream my mind had learned to sense the frequency measure below me and counteract it with a frequency that was the polar opposite but since not everybody has the ability to use their mind in that capacity or with such clarity to sense the magneticic forces and be able to emit the correct frequency, we need to make them shoes that have those capabilities and than those with less developed mental abilities could float too. What a concept!

I’ve had this type dream many times. I’m always outside. Then I start going straight up. I stay vertical. I’m not flying ever. I go beyond power lines. I go higher… over trees. Never do I go through clouds. I look down and see everything. I’m never frightened just the opposite. It’s beautiful. I can vividly remember these “dreams”. It’s like I’m actually doing the “standing”. I’m moving, yet not walking, perhaps hovering is the right word. I can go up, down, forward, backward, right, or left. Makes me ask…Is this an outer body experience? Whatever it is I love every moment and am saddened when it’s over.

I have often had a dream of controlled floating. It is purposeful and at that moment makes me feel powerful. I have noticed that often times when I decide to float, it is right before someone walks into the room in my dream. Sometimes I am hiding on the ceiling and watching, other times it seems I am showing off. Kind of like a “look what I can do!” If the dream takes place outside, it always begins with the same purposeful push off the ground. Sometimes I hover, sometimes I take off in flight. There is never a trying to get back because I am always in control of the situation. Definitely my favorite dreams that I get. Usually so vivid, that when I wake up, there are the butterflies in my stomach, such as you would get on a ferris wheel or roller coaster.

I am in a reacurring dream that I cannot comprehend when it happens. I feel like its meaningful and real I’ll explain. I first have a boyfriend in this dream in real life I havn’t in ten or more years! And then I start talking friendly to his affair women, they all say the same stuff like, “O he always was never a one woman man, and were lauging it off. Then I start floating around the room, and he joins me in flying. It is so unusual and I don’t even recognize this man. I swear everynight this happens I wake up refreshed and like I’m able to fly. Thanks for hearing this is anyone has!

Iam either dreaming or half awake but my body turns numb and the only thing I can move is my eyelids and my breathing to wake up it feels like if I don’t something bad will happen.

I’ve been having this walking and swimming in the air for quite some time now,it seems pretty cool,and I enjoy doing it in a dream,u don’t no why but in my latest dream ,the place I was flying at was not a good place infact it was like an abandoned old neighbourhood where I grew up,so something strange was happening there,along the way home so I decided to fly to avoid being in that dangerous roads or situation. 30/01/2015

I’ve ad a dream were I was floating and spinning above my bed; ten somehow I floated down stairs from my bedroom with the lights one. I tried to shout out my mother’s name but as I got closer to her room my voice sort of died out. then I ended up back n my bed after my failed attempts to scream with creepy writing of names on my wall.

I’ve had a dream were I was floating and spinning above my bed; then somehow I floated down stairs from my bedroom with the lights one. I tried to shout out my mother’s name but as I got closer to her room my voice sort of died out. Then I ended up back in my bed after my failed attempts to scream, abruptly I notice creepy writing of names on my wall.

Out of all these I have only read one similar to my recurring dream of rising above in a float through concentration. If my concentration breaks I will drop so, I am careful. I always know my concentration ability for each dream. Sometimes I trust my concentration to rise off the ground and go high sometimes I rise up just a bit and then bring myself down to the ground. Sometimes inside sometimes outside. People are with me but not sure who. Usually they are surprised if my ability. Sometimes I teach people to do it with me. I have this dream often and am comfortable with it. Not sure what this is. Possibly a power from god. Not clear on the message though.

My first flying dream was where I was flying and it felt like I was flying downhill and could not stop.
last night I was dreaming that I could float just above the floor with full control. It’s like I knew exactly how to do it at that moment. It was the most thrilling and exciting feeling I’ve ever had and I want to experience it again. I once dreamed that I was riding a bycycle downhill and I Had no control and could not stpp. I started ramping over bumps in the track and jumped higher and higher untill I was going so fast that I was flying trough the air. On the way down from my huge leaps I was terrified seeing the ground come closer but as soon as I touched the ground I jumped even higher.

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