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This free dream interpretation concerns dreaming about a dead relative. Dreams about the dead are usually warnings in dream form.

If you see and talk with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts because your mind is warning you of danger, of enemies are around you.

To see your mother in a dream warns you to control your inclination toward sadness and to improve your relationships with others.

A brother, sister or other relatives that have passed on may indicate that you feel that you will be called on for charity or aid within a short time.

To dream that you are conversing with a dead relative, and that relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self.

The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane. There is so little congeniality between common or material natures that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true contentment and pleasure.

Paracelsus said this regarding this subject:

It may happen that the soul of persons who have died perhaps fifty years ago may appear to us in a dream, and if it speaks to us we should pay special attention to what it says, for such a vision is not an illusion or delusion, and it is possible that a man is as much able to use his reason during the sleep of his body as when the latter is awake; and if in such a case such a soul appears to him and he asks questions, he will then hear that which is true. Through these solicitous souls we may obtain a great deal of knowledge to good or to evil things if we ask them to reveal them to us. Many persons have had such prayers granted to them. Some people that were sick have been informed during their sleep what remedies they should use, and after using the remedies, they became cured, and such things have happened not only to Christians, but also to Jews, Persians, and heathens, to good and to bad persons.

Dream symbols has been publishing since then. I may be reminded of these dream and meanings at a later date. I want to avoid feeling timid. I do fear that I should like to calm down on this. I’m trying to provoke discussion about this. Here’s the scoop on this. I fashioned a solution for this problem. Do you want to be independent? It’s the time to plunge into what do they mean dreams fully. It produced catastrophic results. This is an absolute necessity. We need to uncover these techniques. I want to avoid feeling unhappy about this situation. As we shall see in a few moments, dream book isn’t that important. It’s almost time, it’s almost here. I want to make short work of teeth dream. Dream definitions is slowly becoming more prevalent. These days, I’m focusing on dream symbol more than ever. However, as I got older, I began to see the point of this thing. That was profound. It was a scary world out there for me. You’ll be a lot better off if you don’t dwell on this too much. Do not think me guilty of running on about dream and meanings. If you use up too many dream symbolism you’ll end up losing your mind. I would point that there are limits to free dream interpretation.

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I have had several dreams of my dead grandmother since her passing. I had a very detailed dream of her in which I was shown a malformed baby. My sister ended up being pregnant at that same time and miscarried a month later. She knew she was pregnant and did not tell anyone as our grandmother had passed 2 weeks prior to this dream. I’ve had several since where she has told me to be kind to someone and they call out of the ordinary the next day.

iv had two or three dreams about my deceased grandmother
in the first two i cant remember the dream but i remember her presence. but the last one i had was in her old house
i walked down the hallway and into her living room
she was sat there and so was my brother, sister and mother
she didnt move she just sat there and i had forgot about her death that occured peacefully nearly two years ago
then i thought “wait a minute… shes supposed to be dead”
so i mentioned she was here and they thought i was playing a sick joke because im a teenager
and i said ill prove it
so i put my arms around her
and said to my mother
push my hands
see if they can move
and she did and they were kept
so i said “see, shes here” and my mother pushed herself against a wall and said “why is she doing this? why now?” and i woke up
iv been quite worried about this because i dont understand it.
can somebody help me

I dream my father keeps having sex with me

since finding out i’m having my 2nd child i keep dreaming of my father who passed over 10 yrs on the 19th of feb is what dose it mean is it because the 19th is apon us soon or is it because hes looking over my unborn child…. can any one help

I dreamt of my son who passed away and I asked how he was doing and he said: “not so good” and I hugged him and he felt cold. Please help me interpreting this dream. It is bothering me.

I had a dream about my dead grandpa he died like 6 years ago and in my dream he had phoned me but i didnt believe him since i knew he was dead but i played along with him like he was alive, then i went out to mcdonalds for some strange reason and saw him there but i couldnt believe my eyes so i left and as i was leaving he comes out says my name and says “you forgot this” hands me a drink, winks, smiles and leaves……I cant get this dream out of my head but i don’t knwo what it means, i’m looking for an answer

my grandmother came to me in a dream and was trying to pull me with her in the dream i tol her i couldnt go an she was real it wasnt her… i dont kno why i had this dream but i just want every1 to kno listen to tht spirit because a few weeks after the dream a girl was planning on ruining my life and trying o get back at me for not wanting to speak to her any more an was trying to use the my man to get bac at me claiming him as her man ( i also had premonitions about this before things came to surface) LISTEN TO UR DREAMS theay are tellin you things for your own goo

i had sevral dream of my sister she just passed away . i have dreams of talking to her and seeing her and telling my stuff that happended to her before she passed

My sisters husband passed on over a month ago, we were not close but I did respect him. Gordy was a kind man and he was good to my sister. I took a nap one day and Gordy appeared to me in a dream smiling from ear to ear, in a bright blue suit, very white hair and, he was carrying a clipboard and a pen. He looked at me and stated “I’ll see you on january 31 and then disappeared.
My daughters birthday is january 31st. What’s up with that?

I dream of my dead relatives and ma around them durinng a family reunion. They are all dead and we are all having fun, eating, laughing, drinking, and playing games. Don’t understand this, but it is funny how I am always having a bbq.

Hi, Everytime someone die in our family after a month or so I will dream of that person, they will tell me how they feel now and what they see and then how they felt with us. This is very weird for me as the dream is so clear, when I woke up it is as if it really happened.
Lately I’m dreaming about money, first I’m giving money to 2 poor kids then the other dream: I’m buying 2 pieces of cake and I’m trying to make money together for the price (R27) I think it’s expensive in my dream, I pick up money which someone dropped in the shop and hope they don’t see that I’m picking it up though….such weird dreams lately..


I keep dreaming my Father who died 3 years ago is in a room lying down on a bed as if napping its a dream that just started happening sometimes he even talks to me.I don’t understand what this means.Usually he ask me how i have been doing lately i always reply but when i ask him he smiles weakly and so far has only said “same”. which worries me.

I had a dream that my unborn child was sitting on my grandmothers bed( grandmother passed 10 yrs ago) my grand mother was getting her dressed putting on her snowsuit to go out side. I just found out that I am having a baby girl should I be worried In the dream I was not in it I could just see it it was like I was in the room but looking in from the ceiling or something please someone tell me what this means

I had a dream that my grandma came to me and told me that its my nieces time to go. And she said it would happen on a specific date. She touch my arm and gave me a vision of a car accident. I asked her when it would happen and she said Friday, I told her I would do everything to make sure my niece doesn’t go anywhere, and she said to go ahead and do that. I am scared…what does this mean??…

The past several nights I have had many dark kind of scary dreams where my dead grandmother has appeared to me. She’s trying to warn me of something but I’m notquite sure yet what it is. 2 nights ago she was in my dream, she had diabetes while she was alive and lost both of her legs, in my dream her limbs had developed more gangrene. She also showed me a malformed baby. Last night I dreamt of her in a house I had never seen before, she took my hand and told me not to go upstairs. And I asked her if she was trying to warn me of something? whatever it is seems to be very dark and disturbing. Does anybody have any idea what this could possibly mean?

Coming from a spirtual background, I keep dreaming of my dead relatives. The last two have died within a three year span. My grandmother who raised me and her two sisters. She only have one sister left who is not doing well. I wonder if she is next to go. Is this a sign? Also to Queen r response on May 6th 2010, I was always told as a child to never go with the dead. For you might not wake up.

I had a dream that I was in a parking lot with my Moms friend Paul and we watched as my deceased Aunt get escorted into a medical helicopter by five men. The helicopter was really fancy and had sliding doors as you would see on ones home. My aunt never acknowledged me. She boarded the helicopter and it flew around the surrounding buildings twice. The second time around the sliding doors opened out instead of sliding to the side. The helicopter flew around for a third time only to descend and crash in the very spot that she had taken off in but before it hit the ground my Moms friend pushed me down so that the impact wouldn’t be so bad but I felt the debris all over my body from the crash.

my grandmother passed away 13 years ago i have dreamt about her a few times all of she had, had the heart attack that killed her and was fine. the last one she was at a train station ( which i believe she was waiting for the train of no return). however i have recently dreamed about her twice on consequtive nights that have followed on which is rare for me and in the dream she never actually died she just went off and wouldnt give a explanation, in conversations she was very confused in the dreams. she never suffered from any mental illness when she was alive. is this just a random dream or could there be any meaning?

My wife passed away a little over a year ago. Last night I had dream that she was beside me. I heard her voice and I felt a kiss on my neck. She said some words that I could not make out. But I did her hear tell me she love me. I am very puzzled


My grandmother passed 2 1/2 years ago…I had the same dream twice within a month of her passing. In the dream, all the of the family was together for some sort of holiday or gathering, and I am stunned to see my grandmother because I know she is supposed to be dead. Apparently everyone else does, too, but they are playing along with her pretending she is still alive, and the whole time I’m thinking, no, no, this isn’t right, I want her to be alive again, too, but she needs to know that she’s dead. Anyway just when I’m about to approach her to break the news to her that she’s really dead and not alive I wake up just before I tell her. These dreams were over two years ago and I still remember them vividly.

My Gradnfather died before I was born and lately I’ve been seeing him in my dreams. I’ve also been seeing my Grandmother and everytime I see her in that dream, her lips always move and nothing ever comes out. I thought I was going crazy because everytime I have these dreams I always find myself waking up in a cold sweat. But these dreams have been going on for awhile about over six years and these dreams also feel so real because I can smell my Grandmother’s perfume and when I see my Grandfather I always smell cigars and peppermint and I can feel them as if they were a real person.Its so real that I write them and explain them to my parents as if I had just gotten off the phone with them.

I had a dream of my uncle last night who passed away 12 years ago. He was wearing jeans & a plain green tshirt he was in a cementory taking or putting something on his grave. which doesnt make sense b/c he doesnt have a grave he was creamated & his ashes are at my grandparents place. Also another thing i wasnt close to this uncle I didnt know him to well but my mother was extremly close to him. Could it b that he’s trying 2 tell me something????

I had a dream last night of my grandmother who passed away 13 months ago to the day. I was shopping and she came out of nowhere. A week ago I had gotten a tattoo of her name and when I showed it to her she liked it. It felt so real. She said things she would always say and I swear I could smell her perfume. She asked me about school, work, my boyfriend (who she’s never met). I woke up thinking she was still here. It felt that real.

I have had a few dreams like this. The most disturbing however were just before I woke up this morning. My first was when I was 3 years old. My grandfather had been killed in our conflict here in Northern Ireland and I think as a way of explaining it to myself I had this dream. He was a taxi driver and in my dream my mum and I were in the taxi; she was talking away to the driver as she always did and when the journey ended he turned around to me in the back seat and asked my mum “so is this your wee one?” He didn’t recognise me but it was definitely him. As a child I think I wasn’t advanced enough to understand the loss but I could understand memory and perhaps was searching for an explanation. It really scared me and hurt me also. My latest dream however was very frightening. My girlfriends aunt recently passed away after battling four bouts of cancer for nearly 10 years. I hadn’t seen her going down hill as she was my girlfriends aunt I would only see her once a year maybe. I last saw her last christmas and she was healthy looking then she sadly passed at the beginning of september. Just last night however her husband gave me an SD memory card from his camera to load photos onto my pc and email them to him (they were of her car so he could sell it). On the card was a photo of her looking terribly ill at her last birthday and it stuck with me how ill she looked. Then this morning I had a dream where I saw her in good health and then as if to jokingly scare me she changed to looking ill and changed back giggling which was ok. Then I had another dream where I knew she was dead and we were all at church for some event for her daughter. The event ended and everyone was leaving when her daughter, husband etc walked past and she was with them. Only I could see her and she knew. Once again she went ill-looking and started to attack me and bite at me. My girlfriend woke me because I was screaming in my sleep. I am still now terrified and I have no idea what it means.

my x husband comes to me in my dreams and shows me my sons and what is going to happen to them when they drink i hate these dreams why is this happening the first one came true now i had a seconed one and my boys think its a joke

my daugther second aunt passed away friday night and i went to go see her. she was very close with my lil one and me as well then friday night i have a dream that as i was visiting her in hospice she had already died that with in an hour she started to breath and started talking to everyone asking why was everyone crying i really really dont know what this means please help

i had dream the other nite about my mum dying in a car crach and the next night had a dream about my sons father who is already dead who died and his mum was in this dream 2 she was alive in it but she as also past away what do they mean plz

I have recently started having dreams about my grandma that passed away two years ago. i didnt know her very well since she lived in england and i lived in canada. In my first dream, my mom, my dad, my sister and myself were all standing around her open coffin, but i was in her house. because when i walked away from it, she was there, but she was dressed in her normal clothes and she was only talking to me, i cant remember anything that she said to me. In my recent dream, i was telling my father that the last time we went to england which was a month ago, my grandma was there to greet us on the day of our arrival, he was confused, but i insisted that she was there and died while we were there. I dont understand what these dreams mean.

i had a weird dream tonight i was playing a card game of pitch panters with my dead mom, grandmother, aunt, and a old friend that has all died ,last thing i remember before waking up was i said ,” i have not played pitch partners since mom died” whats this mean or whats it hold ?

one dream i had in the spring of this year was so real like , i am a diabetic and my blood sugar dropped badly , i dreamed i was on a sandy beach and there was 3 dolphins in the water calling to me but i couldnt move because around me stood my dead mother , my dead brother , and my dead 12 year niece , and around them stood 3 wolves a black wolf, a white wolf and a gray wolf , then i started to come awake as my daughter gave me orange juice and sugar it felt like i was choking on sand then i came out of my blood sugar drop , so whats this all mean ? please help shed some light on this dream too

last night i had a dream bout my great mama who died before i was born, in the dream i saw wierd things such as little boats becomming bigger going into a big city, it looked like i was stood in a field over looking the city i could see every thing i remember crying hysteroicaly seeing boats,cars, plans become really big and go into the city then i saw a knight on a horse comming towards me i couldnt see its face but then i shouted mama and they lifted the helmet off ans i saw her face ive only ever seen photos of her i dont know how she died or what she looked like, but she smiled at me she said something but i couldnt hear her, ive had this dream for 2 days in a row now, and both times ive woke up crying. what can this mean, help me understand this?

my grandmother has passed away several years ago and there are many times i dream of her. Last nite i dreamt she wanted to take my niece (whom she never met) to take care of her And we convinced her not to because she wouldnt be able to. So she left my niece with us and drove off upset. What does this mean?

My grandmother passed away about 5 months ago and I dream of her at least once a week. She raised me and my 3 siblings all on her own so, when she passed it was like my mother had passed…I have dreams of her where she talks to me and is shocked to find out that she has passed and doesn’t believe me when I tell her, She tries to do normal activies, Like drive to the bank and stuff but when I say she has passed she just says “What when?” and then doesn’t really believe me…is my grandmother a lost spirit????

I dreamed of my dead grandmother and my dead aunt on the back of a truck in wheel chairs side by side and i kissed my grandmother and her eyes were bulged from her face but did not startle me and i watched then go away on the back of the truck to their nursing home and all my family was around bout i was the only one that had contact with my grand mother andin the dream i was informed that at that time they were there to visit only for a short while and i ask why can they stay and my other family member said thats the only time that they have what does that mean

hi i had a dream that i went to see my nan in her flat because i was unsure i hadent seen her in a long while i was wierd i remberher saying she had ben suffering from dioreah for along while and thenshe showed me a letter saying that my nan had to recive some money from a relative who died a while ago about £10000to £110000she asked to read theletter to see if it was right upon looking at the letter and reading it thoughlt i phoned my mum on her new number from her current address where she did not live when my an was alive and asked her advice and she could not belive it she also had come into £40.000 pound herself and so i diceied to phone thecompanyup and speak to them while that was happeninhg there was my nan eating a slice of peanut butter and a small child sitting in a chair eating a slice of bread a litte blond girl but i do not haveany girls only 4 boys what did tis dream mean

my aunt had a dream of me being killed in a car crash in her dream she said my grandad was there he passed away a month ago she went on to say it was like he had came back to warn her…also my two bestmates have had a dream of me dying what do these dreams mean????

I’m 6 months pregnant and i had a dream that my water broke and it started flooding my bedroom floor ankle deep. When I opened my bedroon door, the water started falling into the hallway and disappearing. My deacesed grandmother came to the hospital after I had given birth and she told me that she knew that I would be the first of her grandchilren you give her a beautiful great grandson, and not too long after saying that, she dissappeared and my child returned to the inkubator fast asleep. I awoke and soon later fell back asleep. I pick back up a dream where me and my soon to be husband were going to the place where my grandparents used to live. My grandmother was walking up the street in her old work uniform and I asked her where she was going. She replied to me that she knew I was going to be coming up and that she had told her work that she was coming home to see me. When we got to the house, she picked my son up again and said that he’s going to be someone great. She never would say what he would be, just something great. She also said that I would overcome anything that God put in front of me, and that I had been doing a great job of it so far. Then she asked me if I remembered what she had told me 5 years ago before I had left her house about everything would work out for me, and that I would come out of anything and everything with my head held high, and everything would be ok in the long run? I replied yes. She said that this is what she was talking about. Then she looked over at my husband to be and said that true love only comes once in a lifetime, and we never know that we have it until its passed. Hold on to what you have in front of you, and don’t look pass it. Then she hugged the baby and dissappeared again, and the baby was laying where it had been when she picked up up. What does this mean?

i had a dream i was back in korea (i was stationed there in the army) and my dead grandmother had an apartment there for some odd reason , i went to see her and she handed me a handfull of mushrooms and told me to eat them, then i robbed a korean bank and was running with these 2 weird looking cash registers , then all of a sudden i was back in america smoking like crack or something with one of my buddys …i do not drugs or anything by the way.

Dream about my husband who has been gone for 21 years. I was pregnant with his son and he never got to see him. I dreamed my dead husband walked in, looked young and peaceful but was wanting to see my son. I was trying to reach him on the phone and tell him to come see his dad, and I felt there was an urgency placed on the matter since my dead husband had said he couldnt wait very long.

Hi i keep having dreams with my mother in them. She passed away in April 2010. Since her death, ive been extremely sad and having terrible fights with my boyfriend and some relatives. Reading this article … has helped.

I went to the Philippines this summer for my grandfather’s funeral. I have cousins whom I had never met before and I still haven’t but due to the conditions I needed to talk to them to inform them. They’re my first cousins and their mom is my mom’s sister. I have never met her, she died when I was two. But after talking to the second oldest and have him talk to my mom I feel asleep that night. In my sleep I woke up sitting on my street in Manila (I live in Canada), and a lady started talking to me and used my name, I called her by my mom’s sister’s name and she thanked me for reconnecting her son with my mom so he can be a part of the family.

I dreamed this afternoon about MY Grandmother who passed away 3month ago. She was with few people which I remember 1 of them was my AUNT sitting next to her. We talk, but cant remember what we talked about. But while talking with ME, she put 10dollar coins in my Hand. For the reason I don’t now WHY!

Ok I’ve searched every site I can find but have found nothing about my dream which was; I was in this huge room filled with airplane chairs, in rows but rows much larger than the ones on a 747, kind of like movie theater seating but for a plane. In the seats all around me were young women, all African American, ranging from the ages of 18 to 24, I woke up and was playing with my laptop when I noticed my deceased grandfather and a woman that could have been my grandmother but she wasn’t walking through the isle heading my way. I got up out of my seat and made my way towards the isle, meanwhile the girl in the seat next to me starred at me while I was leaving like she was heart broken and was about to cry. Once I made my way to the isle I turned left and when to a section that had a high long narrow table about a yard long with lights hanging down from the ceiling above the table, kind of like a reading area in a library, there were girls sitting to the left and right of me and some sitting on the other side of the table in front of me. My grandfather, dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie with a hankie in his jacket pocket and a red rose above it, reached the table, he stood in front of me behind the girls and I looked up and he smiled at me and said, “I’ve come to take you home,” and I responded “I was going to drive home,” he responded, “not likely,” with a grin on his face. He turned around and began to walk away down the isle and I got up to follow him and spoke immediately at him as he turn to walk away, ” I have a home, 12,500 sqr ft home, (I’m not sure but I think I messed up the measurements of my home at first, thought quickly and corrected myself, but I seem more like I was reassuring myself of even having the home, I think I felt homeless). As I walked behind him and the woman I noticed at the turn in the isle heading for the exit, there was a girl upside down in a bedroom at the turn of the isle. you could only see her feet down to her butt sticking out of the middle of suitcases. She was at the end of the bed where the suitcases where stacked up (even though she was motionless, I new she wasn’t dead). from their the dream changed and I don’t remember it but I woke up happy because I felt like God had forgiven me and I had a new start back where I missed previous blessings.

Someone please help with this because now I’m wondering what it means.

PS: My grandfather had on gloves not like a casket carrier but more so like a driver, but I don’t know if that’s the case.

Thanks for your help guys!

I recently had a dream of my grandfather, aunt and uncle that have been dead for years now. In my dream everyone in my family was sleeping and I was the only one awake. My grandfather appeared to me and once I recognized him I was freighted because in my mind I knew he was dead. He started laughing and and kept coming closer to me. I wanted to scream but I couldnt. Then at that moment my aunt appeared and gave me a hug and said to my grandfather “your scaring her cause she knows where all dead” I didnt feel fear with her hugging me at that point just fear that I was the only one awake seeing them. At that point my uncle appeared and was talking to my grandfather and thats when I woke up. I was so scared when I woke up. Can you please help me figure out what this means? I’ve never dream about my grandfather, aunt and uncle before. My grandfather passed when I was 12, my aunt passed when I was 21 and my uncle shortly passed after that.

I had a dream about my boyfriend of 7 years that has passed away recently. I dremed that we walked out of the hospital together out of the elevator and we just couldnt stop laughing. I dont know what we were laughing about. But thats all I can remember from the dream

I dreamed that my great aunt (which has been dead for almost 25 years) was in the kitchen with my mom at our old house. She didn’t speak – she just smiled and waved and then motioned for me to come closer. That’s all I remember about the dream but it was so vivid that I can remember exactly what she was wearing.

my gran died 5 years ago wen i was heavily pregnant with my daughter. I had a dream i was walking down my grans st where she used to stay having a random conversation about what happens when you die and she told me everyone meets up and they are the age you remeber them at if that makes sense. We sat a the bus stop talking like we used to and i felt like it was a proper goodbye would love another one the exact same she looked great with her hair all done n lipstick on :)
My gran told me when i die i will see her again the last age i saw her but she will see me like a teenager even if i die at 89 and i now beleive every bit . my dream felt like a normal day but she was dead but i wasnt sad we were happy in it and no one else was in it. IS THIS A VIST FROM A SPIRIT???

I had a dream where my father was dying alone, which was untrue as I was by his side for 2 weeks when he died of a brain tumor 25 years ago. I was crying on the floor waiting for my sister-I know I was crying in my sleep-what is this all about???

I dreamt about my late grand father.He looked much younger in my dream. I felt so rejoiced to see him and kept holding his hand all through the dream. He came to my college in an yesdi bike and told me he came to see me and my college. I showed him my college campus. Then after meeting me n seeing through the campus he told he should leave and walked toawrds the parking lot. I asked him where is grand mother and he told that they are in a place named ullal few kilometers away from my home. He left givin me a nice smile. He didn’t give me any message through the dream. I felt just so good to see him n felt so protected and cared of.

My brother Henry passed away on August 3rd, 2010 in an accident. I dreamt about him this early morning and it was weird that every night I say good night to him and tell him that I miss him a lot. Last night his picture seem real. Then I dreamed about him that he wanted to put his clothes away and someone had taken his space. I knew in my dream that he had passed and I made sure, because I touched his forearm and it was real. I had told him that I can go buy boxes for his stuff and he was just accepting that answer and him being his happy self. We got 3 office file boxes with the lids and I then found myself very emotional and just broke down. My husband John has been so supportive and I couldn’t do it without him and our daughter. I really miss you Boi (Henry’s nick name since childhood).

My grandma passed away about 9 years ago. Last night she entered my dream. Rather than it being a pleasant dream, it was rather frightening. In the dream, I woke up to find my grandmother at the foot of my bed just staring at me. This is the only second time I’ve dreamt of her and im puzzled why it was so scary.

I had a dream about my uncle that past away. In this dream he would appear dead and then he would be alive again. A person that was next to me said that this was normal, if you leave a body long enough it will come alive again. What can you tell me about this dream of mine?

My brother-in-law passed away 4 years ago. I keep having dreams about him in situations of family gatherings at his or other family member’s homes. In every dream, he looks like his healthy self (not when he was very sick) and he doesn’t know he’s dead. In the dream I’m always surprised to see him and ask him how he is, to which he replies that he’s “good”. . Always smiling & friendly. I think I’m the only one (in the dream) who knows he’s really dead. Help?

what does it mean dreaming of your dead daughter with two red lipstick in her hand

my aunt had a dream of my sons father asking her to take care of us

I have been having dreams of my father(passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago) in these dreams my father is either visible to me but does not interact/speak, he’s just there, or else i can hear him talking to me but can only see his clothing and not him.

I had a dream about a few months ago, of my great grandmother who passed away when i was six years old. My dream consisted of me looking into my great grandmas old mirror. Then, her reflection appeared but it was foggy at first and then it cleared. Following, I turned, looked at her, then woke up.

i had a dream where my dad who passed away not to long ago was in i saw him in his casket and he sat up and told me he was not dead he was just tired of people i really need help i wanna know what it means>.

my mom passed away 6 yrs ago and a couple nights ago i dreamed that she told me that my pregnancy test came back positive . my boyfriend and i are trying to have a baby . what do you think that dream means ?

the other day i had a dream about my grandfather and grandmother it was in a white room and they passed byme and told me they loved me and then walked off. i told my mom the next day and she says my sister had that xact same dream only it was only my grandmother. they moved on and are now together. oh and my grandfather died almost w week ago.

My grandmother passed at the end of 2007 and at the time, she had alziehmer’s. The day that she passed, me and my sister were going to a Christmas party and was supposed to go and see her before we went. We never made it and the next morning my uncle called and said she passed away. I instantly felt guilty for not seeing her before she past. Anyways, since then I have dreams about her at least 6 times or more a month. At first it scared me but now it’s like incorporating her into my life. I have been looking for a home and last night I dreamed of a home I have never seen before and in the dream, my grandmother was in the empty house with me and telling me how much she liked the house. There have been many others but it’s like she is really there. I and my fiance often catch me crying in my sleep or I wake up with dry tears on my face alot. I told my dad this today and he told me that he has been dreaming about her alot too. Do you think this is just my guilty conscience making me dream about her all the time and is it strange that I look forward to seeing her in my dreams at night?

i had a dream yesterday about my aunt who died of cancer when i was 15 im 22 now and in my dream her head was a weird shape but she had no hair and her voice was a little scary but she was happy and laughin and she was happy to see me at her house….her sister was there and we went in the house it was like the dream was so real i woke up and almost thought i was there and that i had just seen her but i know i didnt wat does this mean

I had a dream last night of my aunt who recently passed away one month ago. A very religious women, she was christian beleiver. She said she is fine but to pray for the “others”. What does that mean?

my niece who is 18 is a diabetic. she keeps having these dreams that she is on swing and a man in an all white suit keeps telling her its ok. to go with him. she does not have to be in pain anymore. finally the mans revealed his face and it was my uncle who passed away 3yrs ago. this is troubeling me and am searching for answers for her.

My dreams change so much like al us I guess but last nite hard horrible 1, my first love I dreamt that we seen each other again an it felt great but during it I found out her younger sister was dead felt horrible findin that out even tho was only a dream was wondering does it mean anything between me an my first love or anything atal ?

Our Grandma died yesterday and the same night my sister had a dream about my grandma and she kissed her on the cheek we really want to know what this means does anyone know please?

I have dreams of family members who have past away. One family member keeps returning. My aunt that died of cancer in I think, was 2006. In her most recent visit in my dream, I was in a vehicle. I saw her sitting in a car that was parked in front of an apartment building. I stopped,(strange thing was in my mind I knew she was dead) I got out of the car and walked up to her and said ” Where have you been all this time”, she said ” I’ve been here in California”, She said she was living with her mother’s sister’s daughter. She said she was happy and saying she was ok. Why is she appearing to me? The unuasual thing, in this dream is that I was able to talk to her and she talked back with a very happy tone. Usually, she never talks in my dreams she is just there on- looking while I talk to others. Why did she speak after all the times I have seen her in my dreams since her death in 2006? HELP ME find an answer to why she keeps comnging to me in different dreams!!!

I had a dream of my late uncle of ten years he didnt speak in this dream but showed me his clothing and ring he looked upset my aunt and cousin were present in this dream also a ferret which was running about happily but changed colour from pink to purple,the grass was so green .the dream ended at the entrance of a church as a man in a tall black hat called his name and said its time to go i felt the upset in my dream but wasnt very close to him alive .cant make sense of it anyone???xx

Last night I dreamt it was 3am at home and the neighbors were using power tools which had woken me… Out of the darkness came my father, who was ‘returning to me early from prison’… My dads sister was asleep at my place, strangely, and he chatted to me asking what was going on with my life. Now in life, he never went to prison, and hanged himself almost 7.5 years ago… What does this mean?

my grandfather passed away in November there, i had a dream which lasted about 2minutes, my friends told me, i had a dream that he came into my room, he walked towards me with his stick and placed his hand on my heart, his hand was so cold. what does it mean? is he trying to tell me something? communicate? oh how i wish that that dream was real, even though it felt it.

I dreamed that my dead sister, my sick niece and I went to the rooftop of the building. My dead sister went first. I followed her then my sick niece followed me. While I was halfway through, I realized I forgot to bring something so I returned to the ground floor. My niece waited for me. When the 3 of us reached the last floor of the building, there were 3 little boys smiling. They opened the door for us going to the roof top. What does this mean? My sick niece has just undergone an operation for her malignant tumor. I also had an operation 5 months ago for tumor removal.

I was dreaming of my father (deceased since 2009) and we were going to a store to buy a dress for my daughter…..once we get to the store, I have to go to the ladiesroom and when I returned, he had already bought a pink dress which was absolutely not the kind of dress my daughter would wear and I was very upset with him and arguing with him. What does this mean? I don’t understand it. My daughter was in the background and so….I don’t really see her – I just know she is there but my daughter is totally grown up and a Mom herself and so….I’ve no clue as to why I wanted to buy the dress but my father ends up getting a pink dress and all we did was argue! Please help me out as to what this all means. Thank you so much :)

I came into the parlor and saw my mom’s deceased first cousin (she raised me), my mom who’s deceased and another relative who is still alive. When I came in I saw this man who is known to be very evil in the area in which they live;bringing something out of his pocket to kill my mom’s first cousin. At that time I shouted and asked everyone why they are standing and seeing this bad man trying to hurt her and just not do anything. Then i snatched this brown handkerchief he was trying to use (black magic) and ran downstairs. He chased me I screamed and told all the people what he was trying to do. The man ran away and went back upstairs and I decided to to see what he was doing. I was searching the rooms to see where he was hiding..I found him with his trousers down and his undies which were torn and dirty in the bathroom. He was bending i shouted what are you doing you evil man so he started chasing again..screaming for me to give him his magic hanky..i said no i won’t give it to you; u r using it for i ran and then i woke up

I had a dream about my deceased aunt and uncle who raised me. They were in the living room physically fighting with the door locked. I couldn’t get in and I was trying to find a way into the room to help my auntie. Suddenly I saw the door open and I entered. I started asking him why are you hitting her and he just left the room. After that I encouraged her and left the room to sleep. When I went to my room I heard my deceased uncle saying that since I didn’t allow him to finish fighting he was going to fight me. I prepared in my mind to retaliate and that is when I woke up

Before my father passed away I was very close with him. Last night I had a dream about my father who passed away about 6 years ago. He passed away at 47 years old and I was 23. In my dream he was a stranger to me but reminded me so much of my dad. He looked homeless. He was sitting on my sofa and he kept staring at me. Like if he was trying to tell me something but I wouldn’t listen to him. He never talked just stared at me. My mom walked into my house and I told her to get him out of there and then my dad got up and left but he still kept staring at me. After he left I told my mom that he looks so much like my dad and my mom said that was your dad. I ran out of the house to look for him but he was gone. What does this mean?

I dream of my aunt who’s been dead 22 years ago. She helped raised me but I was out of state having my baby when she died. In my dream I was with her in her room and so was everyone else. When she was alive she was an old maid and we all thought she died a virgin. In my dream she was dating someone who took care of me in my twenties also dead and she was pregnant. She was talking alot but I can’t remember what she was saying. What is it all mean?

I keep having dreams of my deceased mother, dont always remember what I dreamt. The last dream I was taking care of her on her death bed, bathing her body. I dont recall her talking to me and if she did I dont remember what she said. Plese help me figure out what the dreams mean. I have also dreamt of my deceased mother-in-law.

I dream often about my deceased mother and sometimes about my deceased mother-in-law. last night I dreamt taking care of my deceased mother while she was very sick and dying. I was bathing her from head to toe. She was naked. I do not recall her talking to me. Please let me know what my dreams mean.

I have had several dreams of my older brother who died several years ago. We were very close and his death was unexpected (heart). He appears in my dreams with a smirk on his face and the irises of his eyes are completely black. I feel an evil presence and am very scared!!! What does this mean??? My brother was a very kind, gentle person.

Last night I dreamed about my father who passed away 2 years ago,he walked up my stairs to my bedroom as I was sleeping and layed on my bed next to me and he was drunk(which was common).He said that my sister was having problems in the bar with a women and even said her whole name and then he passed out and I looked out my window and saw a full moon(which there wasn’t one that night).then I woke up,should I warn my sister?

dreamnt my deceased aunt was telling me : its time for me to have a baby now, then she left with 2 kids and her husband, but in real life she didn’t had those kids.
what does it mean

I had a dream a couple weeks ago and it has been bothering me i continue to think of what it means could you please help. My aunt (who has cancer) was laying in a bed. and at the head of the bed my grandma was sittin there all dressed up (my grandma passed in 2008) nothing was said the at all but eventually i crawled in the bed with my aunt and i woke up crying.

i dream of my girlfreinds mom who passed away 2 years ago. i could see her face in great detail any other dream i have even of my own mother isn’t as clear as this one. she is missed. i will wait for more dreams of her god rest her soul.

i have already lost two sons and i am pregnant again but last night i dreamt of my first son it was pleasant and very loving to hold him in my dream andf talk with him but is this a warning about my pregnancy as you could imagine im very worried now .before my second son past away still born , my first son came to me in a dream all i saw was them both walking away from me holding hands

2 days before my grandmother died she told me i was pregnant. a week after her funeral i found out i was prego. when i was about 4 months prego i had a dream that i was at my house dressing my newborn baby girl. i could see her every feature, i walked her next door to my grandmas house and there she was sitting in her usual place. as i entered into the house she held her arms out for the baby and i gave the baby to her, she was smiling at me and her, then i saw my uncle who i was very close to who passed 3 weeks before my grandmother. we hugged and he told me how beautiful thebaby was. we talked, laughed, and hugged the whole dream… i was very aware that they were dead, i knew they shouldnt be there but didnt question them one bit i was just so happy to see them and for them to see my child. i only have one problem with the whole dream,,,, I had a boy, i was prego once before but lost the baby. what does my dream mean? Thanks

I see a lot of these stories are about past people, people who hav died coming to you, but my dream I just had scared me badly….
I am a 21 yearold mother, I have a two yearold who turns three in April. Tonight I had a dream where in a hospital they were unable to resusitate her and she… Passed.
I thought I woke up from the dream to look around and get out of my bed because my daughter wasn’t there, only for my grandma to turn over in her’s and say ‘she’s gone Jasmine, her funeral is today.’ I woke up bawling and I still am. I’m scared because I don’t understand… Someone please help!!!

I had a best friend that died August16, 2008 four days before my birthday. I went to his wake I talked to his mom and we were all very close so a couple of months later I had a dream, in this dream we were talking and he’s telling me please help my mom. Days later she calls telling me if I can help her with her car so I didn’t think much of it and help her out, called my mechanic and that was that. One moth after that I have this dream that I’m on the freeway and mind you he died from an accident on the freeway so I see someone laying there on the side of the road as I get closer the person vanishes. For some reason I start to dig and I find a N.Y. drivers license with a picture of his mom, now it’s weird because I’m from Florida. Out of nowhere he comes out and screams please call her. I wake up, call and I tell her the story then she says wow and tells me she’s going to call his cousin from New York, she is the only relative living there. I get a call later and his mother says his cousin is in the hospital having heart surgery because of a massive heart attack. Now I know it seems a little farfetched, and I haven’t had any dreams of the sort lately till last night. It had nothing to do with him but some guy telling me how having a sixth sense works and how he sees all sorts of spirits, don’t really know why I had this dream but just thought I’d get answers. This is why I search Google and found this website, thought I’d share.

I Keep having dreams about my dead brother who hasnt died for maybe 6-9 months by now, i keep dreaming about something either depressing, or great.. Usually its dreams about my mother and him arguing “They used to get into alot of arguments nonstop”, and hes miserable in my dream… Or its either me doing something great and shows me something i plan to do in the future, or hes connected to a dream with me talking to girls i know, and me and the girl end up hugging and kissing… Im only 16, yes ima teenager, but i dont think these dreams arent getting me nowhere if i know nothing of the meaning they represent.. Can someone please tell me what this means..

I had a dream that my husbands great grandmother was holding me tight and didn’t want to let me go. I also saw my husbands grandmother coming after me. The grandmother riped the great grandmother away from me and I was pined down and I felt her fingers coming up in between my thighs. Then I woke up. What does it mean?

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. I had a dream that I was walking somewhere and a very tall man grabbed my hand and led me into another direction, telling me he had a surprise for me. I felt safe with this man. He led to me to a like resturaunt place, as I walk in I see a table of people I didn’t recognize. I turn my head the other way and see a table of a few passed loved ones that I recognized. I remember feeling happy and hugged a few relatives. Then I was woken up. I woke feeling joy and happy. As I thought about more and more about the man that was leading me, was my mom’s father, he passed away when my mom was 5 years old. Can someone tell me what it was all about? I never remember my dreams but when I do dream its always about passed loved ones and they are so vivid and I remember them in detail.

Today i had a dream about attending my grandmother and cousins funeral who are already dead. There wake were hours apart but they were on the same day of my wedding day. The day of there funeral was the day i was going to renew my vows to my husband. I also received a call from an old friend asking me about my grandmother funeral and i remember telling her that i was suppose to get married today and that my first wedding was on my son grandfather annversity of his death and now my second is on my grandmother and cuz. i was then awake by my phone ringing so i never attended the funeral or my wedding.

My dad passed away since 2004 and my ex husband passed away 2010 I dream that he ws with my dad and they were both happy, then the following day my ex husband was with me like we are still married and he was just smilling what does these dreams mean

My Grandma passed away January 5th from cancer. I keep having dreams about her as if she was never dead but I know she is dead in my dreams it just doesn’t bother me. Last night I had a dream that I was looking through old pictures I drew of me and her when I was little and she came up behind me and said something that made me cry, so I just hugged her and cried and she kept saying “it’s okay to cry it’s okay”. Also, I’ve been hearing this strange whispering in my ear like someone is trying to talk to me and i’ve had my tv turn on by itself, a picture fall off the wall that is impossible to move, and i’ve had weird feelings like someone is watching me not like a scary feeling just like a warm feeling. I don’t know what this means.

I was in a house, with my husband and 2 others that I didn’t know. I was leading them through it. There was work going on in the house. Somewhere along the line we ended up upstairs and I saw a blue plastic or ceramic item with a silver cross on it. Below the cross I saw the name Shirley in small silver letter. I looked at it for awhile and then was in a room with a large mirror. Out of the mirror came an individual who was my mom (who’s name is Shirley), although much younger in age. I hugged her and asked her how she was. She explained that being dead is really ok, you are with friends and relatives that you love. It’s really a fine place to be. I asked her if there was a heaven, and she said yes, but not like the one that is shown on TV or in movies, but it is a very nice place. I asked her if I was good enough to go to heaven, she said yes, but I should be good. If I am good then I will be ok. I then thought to myself that she wasn’t all that great of a person when she was alive and she made it, perhaps I’ll be ok too. During our conversation I had my back to the mirror that she came out of, somehow my head leaned back into the mirror, my Mom told me to look. My head felt warm and everything went black. Then I began to see images that I didn’t understand, I heard things I didn’t understand. After that was over I asked my Mom what that meant. She said it was information I would need. I asked about it more, she said I would know when I would need it. I asked her when I would die, she replied that I wouldn’t for awhile, and that I still had things that I needed to do. But when I did, it would be in a car accident. Then she disappeared.

Can someone please help me understand this?

Thank you.

I had a dream that my brother and I were at the funeral home where my father was laid out. There was a body complete wrapped in cloth and I knew it was my father. For some reason we were trying to carry the body and we dropped it. My father passed away in his sleep less than a year ago. Does anybody know what this means?

My mother passed away almost 2 weeks ago and I dreamt that she called my dad’s cell phone and sang “Oh Holy Night” to my dad, sister and I. She sang it perfectly, which I knew she was dead and singing from Heaven because in real life she had uterine/lung cancer and lost the ability to sing. I am a vivid dreamer and it felt so real! Made me feel great!

I had this very vivid dream several years after my Uncle died. I wasn’t very close to him, just always respected his Christian poetry. –My sister and I were hosting a party for our family and we were bringing a cake outside to a beautifully decorated scene of tables on a perfect day. We were in the country and there were 4 perfect trees ahead. When I walked outside I immediately saw my Uncle and knew he was dead. He had a big smile and had a light around him and was floating a bit. I quickly ran up to him and embraced him and he knew that I knew he was dead and I could see him in a dream. He told me in his country accent “you’ve done good!”. He felt so good and filled with love. His love reminded me of another dream where Jesus held me–no pain, no burdens, just pure love! I wanted to check my Uncles body to see what it was like and he did have a flesh body even with the light around him. I didn’t want to stop hugging him, and then I woke up crying–feeling so amazing and filled with love, and I knew from that dream that we will all be reunited in Heaven with our family and Jesus.

I lost my Dad 7 years ago to stomach cancer, I live in a different country and in his final 6 weeks before he passed away, I was told not to come home because it would upset him and he didn’t know he had little time left. I was very close to my Dad and asked just one thing that they wouldn’t leave until he was completely out of it, the thursday before he died my mother rang me to tell me that I should come home, when I arrived on the Sunday he was out of it and I had no chance to talk to him. He died 2 days later on Tuesday 9th December the same day as my Grandfather. Since then I have had terrible guilt and complete feeling of anger for not being allowed to spend time with him, and no-one really understands, He is on my mind everyday but in the last few days, he’s been a constant thought and last night I dreamt about him and the only part of the Dream I can remember is him calling my name and I can still hear it even now that I am awake, and it’s frustrating that I can’t remember the rest of the dream and today I feel his loss all over again.

i have seen my live brother dead body at my home and seen that, in his mouth one key chain, he is in white cloth, what is the meaning or this dream

My older sister had a miscarriage a couple months ago… brother was killed about two weeks ago…..he appeared in my sister dream twice and kissed her belly saying that she is going to have a baby boy…..what does this mean because everything i am reading about death and pregnancy is really making me nervous and perventing me to sit at ease.

I remember this dream quite vividly, though it was last year. I remember seeing my grandmother, in her favorite nightgown, just as I had seen her that last time. Yet there was an unsettling air about it, as if something sinister was lurking. All of a sudden she chased me, and the house became twice its original size. I tried to run away, but no good, I could even feel my strained breathing. I tripped, and she moved in closer, with that same innocent look she always had on. Then she cupped my face in her hands, her skin was actually liquifying as she touched me. She started smearing this liquid on my face, I could feel it, I felt extremely nauseous, like I would pass out any minute. Suddenly I woke up, and had to immediately run to the bathroom, cause the nausea followed me from my dream. I was repulsed by this dream, and it left an aftertaste I won’t forget.

last night i dreamed that my deceased father was talking to me in a room i didnt reconize before please tell me what does this mean?

My cousin died 17 years ago and I had a dream that he was alive but I couldnt find him he didnt want to be found.

my aunt passed away last December and i have had 2 vivid dreams about her the first one was we were at a picnic with my family and i was smoking a cigaret for some odd reason and i saw my mom coming to me so i ran to my aunt who was on top of a tall hill and asked her if she had perfume and she said “no you know i dont like that stuff” and i knew that too and she was on a laptop and i remember her back round stuck out to me for some reason but i cant remember it now, and then my second dream was even weirder i was in a truck with her and we were just talking and she was telling me how i have to do good in college and to make her proud and then we came upon a field and the sun and clouds look so beautiful and everything was bright and so pretty and then she was like ok this is where i gotta go, i love you and i was crying because i didnt want her to leave and then i woke up.
now another one of my aunts passed away on the 12th of this month and i had a dream about her 2 days ago and i saw her in this sidewalk in a park and i ran up to her and said dont do that to me again aunt leslie you scared me so much (she has been very sick from diabetes for that past month and i think i was telling her to not get that sick again because it did scare me) and then she said ” i cant make any promises but ill try my best” and then i hugged her and i told her i loved her and she said i love you back and i was just hugging her and crying and saying i love you over and over again.

I’ve been having the same dream for a few days now about my papa that passed away last December. We used to go over to his house and sit in the living room talking for hours and my dream is of all of us doing just that but I knew he was supposed to be dead and everyone else was acting like he never died. My papa saved my life without him I wouldn’t have had a place to live growing up so this dream really bothers me. Please help me what does it mean?

My brother died 3 days ago, I dreamed that I held his hand and led him around a training facility (he was a fireman). I wasn’t meant to be there, we had to sneak me in and avoid bright lights to begin with. There were cadets of all kinds of service people there, the uniforms were all beautiful a clean. We were given lovely uniforms and equipment. We had to learn the drills and protocols. He was good at it all, I kept messing up the marching and drills. I held his hand, he was to my left. Sometimes he was a little boy, sometimes he was a man. We entered a white corridor, at the first door I bumped into a woman in a uniform, I forgot to salute, my brother remembered and told me I had to salute. Then we went to go through another door and I banged into the lady again, I thought she would tell me off, but she laughed, I told her I shouldn’t be there. I told my brother that we had to hurry but we didn’t need to rush. We came to a zebra crossing, I told my brother “You will be alright, you will be fine, you’ll be alright”. I told him it was busy at this time, (there were only a couple of hours left until sunlight) and it was going to be the end of Anzac day. (It really was that time! I find that so amazing). I had to hurry. I told him I couldn’t stay because of the baby (I have a baby daughter and three sons), I held his hand until I could, but he stayed next to the woman in the beautiful uniform, she had gold braid on her uniform. There were a lot of other service people in uniforms. My husband was calling me, he told me I had to leave now, he was very certain. I woke up and my baby was crying for her 5am feed. I looked out of the window of my bedroom, and it was 4.45am, it had just begun to show light out of my window. I went to get the baby and told my husband the dream. He told me he had dreamed that I had to get back on the train and that he had felt bad pain in his chest (my brother had a heart attack), my husband also told me my brother said thank you. I rang my Mum. I love you little brother.

Back in February I lost my pepaw. And the past few days I have been having a reoccuring dream about his funeral. It’s like I’m sitting at the funeral and I walk up to the open casket to see him and he wakes up, grabs me, and says, “You could have helped me.” What does that even mean?!

I’ve had multiple dreams about my brother who passed away in 2005 but mainly more since being pregnant. I’m in my 3rd trimester.. Could that mean our daughter is going to need me n all my time since it says that if you dream of a deceased sibling you will be called upon for charity.. Its just so odd that now I dream about him most.

I had a dream last night that my brother came to me and told me not to trust certain people. He also told me that people were out to get him. He showed me that he was really mad if I invited them to a party. My brother was murdered about three months ago and I just want to know if this means anything

I keep deaming, my dead husband dead 4 year, that he is leaving for another.

I dream of my husband who has been dead 36 years now. He has always told me to wait just a little longer he would come and get me. My last dream i could not get close enough to talk but it was though we were separated and i was planning to talk to him and try to get back together.

I have been have a dream of my dead grandmother, who i was close with. In the dream is holding my hand an looking into my eye’s an saying ” i am here waiting for you “. I am having upcoming surgery, an I am worried. This dream is warning me that I am going to die. please help

i have been diagnosed with cancer.. and everynight since i see my aunt in my dreams that passed away with the same kind of cancer.; as soon as she goes to speak to me i wake up.. its like she trying to tell me something. i’m not sure what it is,, me and my aunt were very close so the other day i went and visited her grave and prayed she would come to me again and be able to say what it is she needed to say.. well that night she comes to me and shes holding me at the doctors office and were both crying im not sure if they were tears of joy i only can hope and as soon as she went to speak i woke up again if anyone knows anything that may help i would be very thankful

in real live my brother is dead but when i dream of him he is alive, but i no in my dream he is dead ,,i loved him so much

I have woken up a few times with the thought that my older 2nd cousin (passed away about 3 years ago at the age of 80 or so) wants me to get spinach. Last night I dreamt she wanted me to go out and get spinach again and though I can’t remember much – I do remember her sending her husband – cousin Frank who passed away about 8 or 9 years ago while in his 70′s) standing there looking at me. Even though he was not speaking – his mouth was not moving I knew he was telling me to get spinach and for some reason I got the sense it was frozen spinach. I am a bit baffled and concerned. Thank youf or taking the time to read this.

a dream of my grandparnets in it they know it and i know it but it is mainly my grandmother who is trying to show me something or tell me something and i cant hear her voice which distresses me in the dream,,what does this mean

in my dream i have a new born baby sometimes i have given birth and somtimes i have just found it it sometimes can either be boy or a girl but my main felling in this dream is to take care of it and protect it but i see myself holding the baby and lookin down with pure strong almost undescrible love for this child

I sometimes dream about my mom who passed away about 12 years ago. One dream I had about her was her telling me that I look exactlly like her and its weird cause everyone always tells me that I look like her. And I actually just had another dream about her that we were just having a conversation at my grandmas house I woke up in tears from that dream.

I’ve been on medication for the past 2 days due to a UTI and I’ve been so doped up because of the pain that the meds are making me have bad dreams. Last night, I had a dream about my dead Granddaddy, Uncle, and my friend Whitney who died in a car accident we were involved in back in 2010. My Granddaddy was trying to teach us about life, but he wasn’t the same person he was before. He seemed like he was going crazy, so it really scared me. He had this wild look in his eyes and I could tell there was something wrong with him. I’ve had multiple dreams about my 2 friends that passed away in that car accident, it never stops. I just wish I knew what all of this really meant.

I have smell the sense of my father twice. It is strong and unique. My father was an alcohol and you can smell the sense of blood and alcohol. I don’t understand the reason this is happen to me. I love my father well much and I wondering if he’s trying to tell me something or warning me

My dream was about my aunt who died while she was in her 20′s – she is about 1 month younger than me and we spent a lot of time together when we were kids. In my dream, I was sitting in an unknown bathroom in front of the bathroom mirror. Someone, I think it was my sister (who is still living) walked in, and put her arms around me from behind. For a split second, the face I saw when I looked in the mirror was my dead aunt, then she turned back into my sister, then turned back into my dead aunt again and she leaned over and said to me “I’m going to get you” while still having her arms around me. I felt myself fighting to get out of her arms and was trying to call for my mother (who is still living but we are estranged) but was unable to scream out for her. I then woke up. I’ve dreamed about dead relatives in the past, but the dreams were always pleasant. This one terrified me.

Last night, I dreamed of my deceased grandmother. She has been gone for almost 6 years now. I have not dreamed of her in many, many months.

Me and her were sitting next to each other on a red couch. The temp in the room was quite warm. I could feel my shirt sticking to my skin. She was holding my hand and talking to me. She was giving me advice on my current life. I cannot remember word for word, just bits and pieces. I know the feeling was sad, pained even a little panicked. She also kept reciting words over and over, very quickly. I could not understand all of them, but the ones I picked up on, I thought I recognized. I awoke in tears because it felt so real. I could still feel the warmth of the room and her hands on mine.

I turned on my iPod to listen to some music and 3 Days Grace song popped up immediatly onto my playlist. After listening to it, I realized those were the words my grandmother was reciting quickly. I am freaked out still.

For the past month or so I have been dreaming about many relatives that have passed. Seems like every night it is someone new. My grandmother, cousin, uncle, mother-in-law, father-in-law and more. All of them are present in the dream except for my father-in-law … his death is brought up in discussion. It’s also odd that every dream is about an average normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary and no big talks or surprises. In the past when I have dreamt of my grandmother, I just felt her presence and someone usually passed soon after. Now I see her and have probably 7-10 times in the last month. Still trying to figure it out!!

I have recurring dreams that pertain to the same subject at hand, but the scenery and people change. In this dream, my family, husband and two daughters are getting ready to sell our home that we have lived in for 21 yrs, we decide we want a different home. So the entire dream we look at one or two houses, and in the dream I always pick one out that i like. We pack up our previous house, and move it all to the newer house. I get very busy cleaning and deciding what to do. Well, each of my chosen homes ended up having major troubles that involved remodeling, et. So after i get my new house in the dream, I am feeling sad and I miss my OLD house so bad I cant stnd it. I go frive by it, I look at what new ppl have done to it and I feel jealous. I literally obsess about how i had made the wrong choice in a new home, when the other house we have lived in we loved. We just wanted something differnt. It always ends up being a very anxiety provoking dream. I REALLY wish I knew what it meant, since it has happened several times.

i dreamt that my mom called me to come and help her as she was sick…..she passed away 3 years ago…i couldnt find her and woke up crying..what does this dream mean,,i miss my mom thanks

i dreamt i saw my dead mother in-law as i last saw her but she opened one eye which was totaly black and looked at me
what does it mean i feel so unerved

I had this dream last night, that me and my family were with my grandma, and she began to have a stroke, and my granpda showed up, and was like waiting for her to take her to heaven. It scared me. cause i dont want anything to happento my grandma

Last night I dreamed my uncle who died 12 years ago inside the coffin and was buried in our house and then my husband had joke he go inside my uncle’s coffin smiling at me. After that I dreamed my grandmother who already died 11 years ago we both under the tree and on the tree there’s evil spirit and my grandma gave me to bottles of holy water one for me and her but i get the other one that’s the holy water I used for bad spirit. What does it means? 2 days Ive’d been dreaming of my 2 relatives who passed away. I want to know the answer.

I have only ever had this dream once. I wasnt present when my grandmother passed away, unfortunatly i was living in another city and just got the news one evening. I felt very bad that i didnt get to say goodbye….

Then about a year after she passed i had a very vivid dream of myself and her having a conversation. Ive being reading up and it says that when you communicate with the dead in a dream it could be a warning of some kind, but in my dream it wasnt like that.

We had a conversation about heaven… she told me it was beautifull and everything that you could expect, i asked her if she was happy and i told her that i missed her.

We were not sitting in a place that i knew… there was nothing around me, it was as if we were floating in the middle of nowhere and we just spoke. I remember crying in my dream, screaming that i didnt want her to go. Then i woke up, my face and pillow wet and i wasnt sure what had just happened?? could somebody please explain what happened?

Well My sister died last year some one had raped her and forced her to jump off a bridge… well ive been seeing her in my dreams she reaches out for me in the dream and opends her mouth to say something but nothing ever comes out..Is she having trouble finding peace?? Please Help Im Kinda Getting Scared

hi i would like to get an anwser to what this dream means it really scared me and i woke up suddenly i dreamed im with my mom in church(mom is dead) and in a suddenly she goes out and i try to reach her but she is in a dark place and sad i call her near and she comes then i go looking for my children and couldnt find one of them the only thing i can see are some of his friends with skateboards then i search for the other one but i know that he is skating for some reason … it really freaked me out because my mom is dead for about 5 years and maybe this is some sort of warning or somthing i really need help so maybe if someone knows what this dream means please help

After my grnadmother passed away I kept dreaming she was alive and they were getting ready to bury her. And last night she visted me and told me not to be scared and then left I chased after her and she was gone when she turned the corner.

i had a dream that i was at my grandmothers house (who has passed) and the phone was ringing and my mom picked it up and answered it. She said someone wanted to talk to me and it was my grandmother. My grandmother was talking to me and asking how I was and to take care of my family. I could see her while talking to her, though I could only see her figure and her face was cloudy and blurry.What could this mean?

I had a dream about my husband who passed away several years ago when our children were babies He died very young and tragically and full of pain. I have not dreamed of him in 10 yrs, but last night I had the most vivid loving dream about him. It was like I was given one last day with him. He looked so handsome and was so peaceful. Is as if he was telling me to let go of all of my stress and forgive those I could…. I don’t know what to make of it

Can someone help me? I had a dream of my dead uncle, my uncle been dead for years and when he passed he was like in his 70s and physically messed up. He was one of my favorite uncles, he is also the father of my favorite cousins (my dad and his dad were brothers) anyway. In the dream, my uncle came to my door he had the same face but he had a strapping body of a 20 year old! I mean it was crazy in the dream I did not know him for some reason he looked like he was doing door to door surveys. He had a clipboard and a cellphone on his belt, he was wearing neatly pressed khakis and a business casual polo shirt. He was looking at me like he wanted to warn me about something but at the same time do his survey, in the dream he woke me up when he came to my door,after he gave his little spiel I gave him like a mean I’m not interested and said maybe my neighbor is interested. For some reason I was nosy enough to keep the door open to see him talk to my neighbor. Guess What! My neighbor was my cousin! His son! But my cousin was talking to him like any salesman.
I know we did not act like this on purpose because we adored the ground he walked on, but we acted like we never met each other before.
Ok what I want to know why did my uncle still have the elderly face but the diesel body?
Why did I not know him in the dream?
Why did he not just come out and tell me what he wanted?
Why was my cousin in my dream why was he my next door neighbor?

My aunt that I was very close to died 6 years ago at the age of 60. She had health problems she ignored. I just had a surgery that she put off that she really needed (hernias). I dreamed she was pointing to some numbers on a paper asking me what they were. She kept pointing. They were difficult to make it. I thought it was 34, then 26 then 35. I wasn’t sure and she kept asking me to look again.

I also dreamed about snakes. A tree was down over my path and I was told there may be snakes around. I dreamed of seeing people moving snakes over and worried someone was going to trick me with one.

Lastly, (busy night) I dreamed that I was at this underground cave type place where they had classrooms and sales. There was also a concert., Someone asked my husband to go in with a different jacket on for some reason. Later, a man ad woman (in my dream the ma was of some status and in charge) came to my house. My dad told them I didn’t have any pants on and to wait. When I went out they asked me about these shirts someone was trying to sell them. They were designer and cost a lot. They asked if I thought they were counterfiet and showed me the tags that looked askew. I told them that the material looked cheap and we agreed. I called my childhood friend in to look and she would not come out of the room she was in. I told them that it spoke volumes and she must be involved.

What does any of this mean?

my friends father saw my dead mother in his dreams and she was asking him for a medicine, telling him that she has a headache and need medicines… my best friend family were my moms friends too, what does this mean ?? can anyone help?

I keep dreaming about my late grandfather, who passed away a year ago, one night (real) before I went to sleep I said “If your really here and watch over me, some-how cummunicate with me” as me and him were very close I believed nothing would keep us apart. That night i thought i had woke up, My grandma came into my room and took my downstairs (i was in her house tha night) she told me someone very special was here to see me. I opend the door and there was my grandfather sitting on her big red cgair she used to have before he died. I cried as i knew he had passed away but knw he had come o talk to me. He explained what had happend (as he had died of cancer) he told me he missed me ever so much, but had to go… I told him i wanted to stay with him, and i wanted him to stay with me, but he told me he was going to see me again and hugged me, he said goodbye and faded,I sobbed and woke up, and he has come back to me in my dreams, I think this is my Grandfathers spirit talking to me in my drwams :)

My sister passed away on uncertain circumstances she was in an abusive relationship. After her death I dreamed she was telling me to look at her ring on her hand and it had blood on it. Iwas awoke by my 4 year old looking down hall saying nanny! And he just walked right back to bed and went to sleep with no memory of it but my sister was trying to tell me something else I didn’t here it though.

I had a dream about my dead aunt who has been dead about eight years now. We were driving in the car whe she begin to tell me something that her father had said which i don’t remember. I asked her when did she talk to him because he is dead. aaashe told me someone was coming and there he is it was a young man with a child and then i woke up. I am a little puzzle because i have never dream about her before and i can’t remember everything that was said. What do this mean.

hi,i n my family members dream about my grandfather from some days and all this kind of unlucky transactions are happening to us..can u plz tell me wat does it aunt has saw my grandfather,he wants to tell her smthng..and dis unlucky transaction has happend to her..plz suggest smthng.

My fiance died in 2005 & I’ve had about four dreams where he came to me. For maybe the first year I kept having this dream where I am despertly trying to call him on the phone but for the life of me I cant remember the last few digits of his phone number. Franticly I keep trying over & over again. In my dream I am aware that he is dead but I also know that if I could just remember the number he would answer & we could talk again. These dreams stopped but then I started dreaming of him in dreams that seemed to have a pattern. In the first dream he came to me and we were sitting on the very bed I was sleeping on when he picked up my hand and kissed the palm of it. He never spoke a word & neither did I. In the second dream I dreamed we were riding in a car just like we did when he was alive only this time I was begging & pleading for him to take me with him. Again I knew he was dead but I wanted nothing more than to go where ever he was so we could be together again. I begged & begged but he only looked at me with very sad eyes. I dont recall hearing him speak but telepathicly he told me that he was very sorry that he couldn’t take me because it was not my turn yet. A year later I had this dream where he came to me in a hurry. He was rushing like he had to go right away but he wanted to see me before he left. The last dream I had happened about two weeks ago. In this dream he came to tell me he was so sorry that he had to leave but he said that he HAD to go so that he would have a chance to really live. When I had the last dream I had not actually cried for him in more than a year & I honestly thought I was done with my grief work. Can anybody please tell me what all this could possibly mean?

I had a dream that I had a baby ,my sister had a baby and my dead sister had twin babies. what could this mean.

I just woke up from a dream, where I was fighting with my father. We were in a kitchen and cooking. He was yelling at me and grabbing my arm and telling me I am wrong about something. I fought back and walked away and told someone, who in real life is a wife of a minister that I know, and in the dream, she came back to speak with my father but he was gone. I felt triumphant in my dream, that I won the fight. But when I woke up, and realized that my father has been gone for 4 months now, and that I wasted my first dream of him since his passing, fighting with him. I felt guilty and was crying before I even opened my eyes. Why didn’t I hug him in my sleep? Or ask him how he was? What was he yelling at me and grabbing at me for? I don’t remember what he was yelling, but I think it felt like he was insulting me.

I had a terrible dream. Me and all my kids plus my nephew was walking on he street my husband and his aunt was following us where we go. His aunt and myself got into arguement and had a fight in the fight i hurt her and my husband did not do anything. All this happened in my old neighbor hood where i use to live about 19 years ago. From that fight i ended up in my old apartment they still continue to follow me and my husband is arguing with my as if i’m wrong. When i went into the aparmtment i automatically became naked without any clothes on my body. My father who is dead about 2 years soon to be was in the apartment in his boxers. I give him a kiss on the cheek and it seen like my father wants to sleep with me i smack him and yell at him but he did not say anything i went into the bedroom where other family member was and i m looking for clothes to cover myself. I woke up after that.

I rcvd some disturbing news from my siser that my daughter was pregnant! I was already out of work for almost 2wks with the pink eye. I immediately went to sleep and was totally disturbed about the news of my daughter. My daughter called me in the middle of the night and said that she and my grandson was on the way via Greyhound. So, I went back to sleep and lying on my stomach with my faced turned to the right. It wasnt too long before I fell into a deep sleep that I felt someone crossing over me in the bed. I physically felt someone crossing over me from the right to left then left to right. I was petrified and immediately began to pray! I then looked to my right and didnt see anyone and knew that there was no one there but, I felt someone cross back over me! I dont what to make of it but, please tell me what it meant!

I have had many dreams lately alot about my sister-in-law who died of cancer 1 year ago in july. we really didnt get along till the last 6 months of her life , cause she was always acting like she was better than anyone else and she always was saying things to my mother who has done nothing but help her and my brother since they moved here . but she changed she started going to church and got saved and we all forgave her. i dream about her alot lately and it is like the person i use to know when her and my brother first got married 35 years ago.i just would like to know why i dream about her so much… and i also dream about my dad and grandma alot they all talk to me and when i wake up im sad.last night i dreamed crazy dreams all my family that has passed where in it and it was like a family reunion what does that mean. i like to dream but i feel like they are trying to tell me something i just wish i knew what. thanks

hi im alyssa garcia ,i am 11 years old and my grandmother passed away of breast cancer and i had a dream that she didnt have breast cancer and i was little i ran up to her and starting crying she knew why i was crying….if anyone has any information plz contact me

Those dreams that you keep having is a strong warning that something is getting ready to happen to you or someone real close to you it a sign that someone would be raped i had dreams simlary to this and this is what happen your spirt is warning you to what is to come. I hope this will help you if you belive in god i want you to pray and call on jeues cause he is the only one that will help you out im not a crazy christan trying to scare you this is thing that kind of happen to me

my grandma passed away when i was in 1st grade, i am now 19 years old. a month ago my dad had a dream about his own father who passed away 10 years ago. my grandpa was warning him about money and lastnight… i saw my own body like astral projector and saw my grandma and she too was warning me about somthing

To all of us who dream of our dead love ones, pray for them, and pray for yourself. Whatever faith you have ask God for the
answer and He will reveal it to you. Take care of your health, pray for peace of mind with this.

I had a dream last night of my deceased daughter, her deceased father and his deceased mother. My daughter past away April 3, 2007. This is my first dream since her passing away…The loss of her is like a nightmare. I am always talking to her hoping and praying she hears me. This dream was about when she was about 10-12 yrs of age I think all 4 of us where talking about her father moving and how we would be sharing vacation time between us………My daughter passed away from a seizure in her sleep……

I feel that our dreams of our deceased loved ones can be communications from and to them when we desperately want to reconnect with them. I haved dreamed of my deceased mother many times – and all have been good dreams – one of the best was when I was able to hug her and thank her for the greatest gift she gave me – which was the gift of her love. This hadn’t even been anything I had ever even thought to myself, but my soul knew what to say to her because it was so very true. I look forward to the life after this one, when I will once again be with all the ones I’ve loved. It’s just so hard right now because I miss them so very much.

I had a dream that i was walking outside of this big beautiful house I was moving into that was in the city. There was a red door it was at first closed and a long white fence that hid the yard. The day was sunny and bright. I started walking outside the fence and as I got to the end of the fence there were two hands handing me a bundle from above. It was a baby. I thought automatically that someone had lost the child and my job was to return her. but, as I tried to remove the child from my arms I noticed that she was stuck and couldn’t be removed. I also noticed that my oldest daughter who had passed back in 1993 was walking behind me holding a flower and very quiet. I felt like I couldn’t take the child without at least finding out who she belonged to but, I also fell in love with her and knew she was mine. After I accepted the gift I took the baby back to the house where the door was now standing open. I walked inside and there where unpacked boxes on the floor but, very clean. There I saw stairs so, holding the baby I was compelled to walk them as I reached the top I noticed 3 rooms but, the door was closed on the the left and the right the only door that I saw open was the middle so I went into the room. It was filled with light and the only thing in the room was a crib, so I placed the baby inside and woke up. My husband had the exact same dream that same night as we both slept next to each other. Help.

I keep having these dreams of my mother who passed almost three years ago. I keep dreaming that i am trying to contact her and im looking for her but i can never find her or reach her. one time i dreamed i had heard she went and took a job in washington state and I went there to find her but never could and last night i was desperately searching for her phone number and could not find it. I keep haveing these dreams but i dont know what it means and it is really beginning to bother me. can you help me out with what these dreams could mean..

I dreamt about my deceased grandmother, it seems like we were at a family gathering and she told me that she will wait for me at her house on the driveway, which is half a block away from my house now. It seems like we were supposed to go somewhere and I was going to pick her up.
What does this mean?

It happened last night when I dreamed about my mother who passed away 2yrs ago. I was w/her at the old house we used to live, she was sitting at the kitchen table w/a white payamas. It was pouring outside and for she reason I was looking outside and there were clothes hanging on the line. So I walk towards my mom and I hugged her very strong. And @the same time I was saying I wish I could hold you like this for just one last time. Then I woke u crying…

I have had sevareal dreams of my grandmother dying who is already dead. Yesterday, I had a dream that she is dying and so if my elder cousin sister who was very close to my grandmother. We all are deeply worried. My Mom is crying for my sister.My grandmother is left on a couch unattended wrapped up in a red thick cloth and all are running helter-skelter for my cousin sister. I in the meanwhile call up my driver and leave for office

Ok, so last night i had a dream of my deceased great grandmother. She has been passed away for about 5 years now and in my dream her hands were freezing cold so she put them on my belly for me to feel and found my belly button ring (at which it is really pierced) and she told me that a belly button ring will open my pants.. Also in the same night my mother had a dream about her as well and in her dream my great grandmother was sick and was rushed to the hospital and told my mother to let her go. What does this mean? B`oth of us living in the same house having a dream about the same person on the same night.

i have teses nightmares that my dead grandmother keeps trying to kill me and that shes a demond with red and black but its weird because my cousin has the same ones

I had a dream about my dead grandmother and grandfather when they were in the Olympics. And I was standing there watching them. And my grandmother died when she was racing, but that’s not how she died… but they both lived for skiing, why did I have this dream about my dead grandma dying that way if she didn’t?. And why was my dead poppop in it also?

My grandpa died recently and i have been having a few dreams about him. In my first dream he was at his old house in the backyard he told me he loves me and we talked for a bit, i told him i loved him too. Then everyone in the backyard thought i was talking to myself, in the second dream my grandpa was in the same place and we talked again. But in the third dream he was in the same place on the table and i yelled gradpa i ran to give him a hug then we had a chat i asked him if i could have his old guitar he said yes or course, i asked him if he could go in my mothers dream because she misses him and he said yes! so that was great but then he told me my dog Nyles is dead and he died yesterday ? and i cryed and i said can i see him my grandpa said he had to go while he disappeared a girl dog came and it was NOT my dog nyles. So i woke up and told my mom she said she had a dream about grandpa:) But is he trying to tell me something important?

My Grandfather was a father figure to me as a child growing up. even tho today i am still a child having alot to grow up. He passed away December 19, 2010 My family has a history of our passed relatives or if not just a visitor always coming to them in Encounters or in Dreams. And I have always been having strange dreams. and many of them i never paid attention to unless they really scared me. Since my grandfathers passing i was hoping it would be my turn to have an encounter or if not a dream of him coming to me. Instead. I was gaven more then i can handle. My grandfather was put on Hospis and Passed in our Big beutiful Family home. And i dont think hes left. Aproximently 1 week after his passing, My cousin came to spend the night for a week. It was Me, My 7 year Old sister, and Her. I fell into a deep sleep and onto a beutiful dream. In my dream i was Getting ready for a night out, until My granfather had called me from the other side knowing in my dream he was gone, Telling me, ”Mija Do you have to go out?” No i dont have to Daddy ”You Know i Love you and Isabella very much.” Yea daddy i know, I love you to. We Love you to. ” Im always watching over you and the house,Please take care of it.” I will Daddy. I Love you. ” I Love You” : And as soon as i opened my eyes, I turned around just to see my Cousin Jasmine and Sister stairing at me while i was asleep. Only for tears to come out Bursting! A word Hadnt come from my mouth yet. And i felt blessed to be given that Oppourtunity to know he left hopefully knowing we all Loved him. The only thing is. Every-Single-Dream-Since Until this very day. and i have Dreams Every-Day. Is in or taking place in My old Family house. Wether they make sense or not, There always in the exzact same place. And not all of my dreams are good. Most of them come true. Alot of them are telling me something.
For EX:
I dream of being in heaven with what i thought to be was God and i was pregnant. When in reality i had a Misscariage 1 year and 2 months ago.

I dreamt’ one of my closest friends was seriously hurt twice. only to find out he almost had been killed and does not live in the most ‘Safest’[ area.

& Topping it. Both I and my brother at seperate times had a dream Police busted down his door and arresting him. Except he had a dream they had lasers pointing at him and shooting. He awoke to feeling burning and stinging every place thosee lasers were poitning. – He is in Jail Now.

Try taking all this in and More Coming from a to be 16 Year old. <3

In every dream I have that involves my ex father in law, he dies again. He has been dead for years and was an evil man. Sometimes, I am killing him, sometimes he’s killing himself. My boys are always in the dreams and they and I are always in danger when he’s in my dreams. Sometimes from him and sometimes from others. Something is always after one or the other of us when he appears in my dreams.

i dreamt i was going out and i stopped a taxi when the door opened i saw my deceased mother holding my daughter who died July 1st 2011 my mom died four yrs ago. My babywas smiling at me and i just sat behind her and touched her head a little allthe while she kept staring at me and smiling.

I had a dream of a little old white haired women when I was pregnate with my oldest daughter 16 yrs ago,The lady was reaching out to me and smiling like she wanted me to take her hand,I got scared and woke,my youngest daughter now 13 had a dream last night …a dream of which I have gotten possessed. The way she described me was as if I was trying to hold back the angry spirite. She said i told her to run..and get far away from which I stood. She ran and got help from a kind old lady. The way she described the lady matched the exact same lady that came into my dreams 16 years ago..what does it mean?

What does it mean when you dreamed about a type of “picture” that hangs on a wall…and then 10 years later you walk into someones’s house and is dumb founded that it was the exact to the tee same picture that you dreamed 10 years back?!?

I keep having a recurring dream about my grandma who past away 2 years ago. It is strange because in the dream i am in her very first house, she past away in her 2nd home. Sometimes she is alive and talking to me and other times she is dead, and lying in her bed. the bed she did not pass away in. This is very strange. What does this mean?

I had a dream I was in a big house a guy was sitting next to me. I saw a bunch of people coming and and decided that I needed to go and get dressed. I walked into a room a little girl was following me. I began to dress and get the little girl dress when I heard a knock at the bedroom door. I opened the door and it was my sister. She informed me that my car alarm was going off (my car doesn’t have an alarm). I showed her what keys to press to turn it off. She left an came back and said it wasn’t working. So I throw on anything and began waking to the front door, there were people everywhere. As if it was a party. I open the door and there were tables and people playing cars and celebrating an having a good time and the first person I notice was the guy that was previously on the couch sitting next to me earlier. I walked out to the car and pressed the alarm code an it wasn’t working at first. Finally it went off. And a white van pulls up with my uncle driving in the passager seat was my deceased great cousin that die last year. I opened his car door and he began to laugh. I turned around and headed back and looked over and saw my deceased aunt. I walked over and told her I was so happy to see her she didn’t say anything I tried to kiss her on the cheek and she pulled away. We both fail on the ground and began rolling in laughter. P.S. I wasn’t close to either one of these people. And the majority of the people at the party I didn’t no. But everybody looked like they were having so much fun. please help.

Ok, reading most of these dreams I have come to the conclusion that most are just a reaction of the brain responding to either grief or a way to bring attention to an aspect in your life that you are either neglecting or pushing to the side. It could also be the result of a mental picture that has imprinted itself in your mind of the person or people you dreamt about that has left a lasting impression, albeit positive or negative, and is manifesting in your dreams as a result.

Most of these dreams are not premonitions and need to be interpreted based on the elements in the dream and not the scenes themselves. I read a dream on the site in which the woman is 6 months pregnant and dreams her water breaks; flooding the room with water and her deceased grandmother at some point comes to comfort her. This could be premonition, however it could just be her mind’s way of helping her cope with the upcoming physical, mental and emotional changes that come with having a child. Water symbolizes emotions, and perhaps she feels as if she’s being inundated with the extreme emotions that will come with childbirth (symbolizing her water breaking). Her grandmother, who I will assume was close to her judging by the description, is probably trying to comfort her and calm her anxieties from the other side via dreams. Her words in the description are pretty self explanatory.

All of us have the ability to be psychic, some are just more in tune with their ability than others and have the ‘gift’ to tap into this type of power; however at some point in anyone’s life we get ‘psychic’ spurts’, we experience some sort of psychic ability unknowingly without it meaning anything. Miss Anne posted that she dreamt of a picture hanging on a wall in which she saw 10 years later. This could mean two things: The first probability-Coincidence, the second probability: She spontaneously ‘tapped’ into a clairvoyant ability and saw a random scene from the future. Was there a meaningful motive behind it? Probably not. Is it possible that it has a general meaning? Of course. Ten years passed and you saw the very same image again, you caught a glimpse of the future so there’s potential that you may have an easier time tapping into your clairvoyant abilities than others. That in itself means something, just no symbolic meaning.

Most of these images feel very real I’m sure; however it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a message trying to be communicated to us from the beyond. Most likely it is an issue within ourselves that needs to be addressed, and is being shown to us in descriptions that could be best interpreted by us.

About Me: I believe in the paranormal as it is something that I experienced firsthand in many different ways, but that doesn’t mean I take every account I hear as truth.

Ok so I had a dream about my uncle who passed away just about a year ago and he was at my school and he was helping fix the outside of the building (which was funny because he actually was a construction worker) and then when i was talking to him, he told me to make a wish at 9:09 pm….. and later on I saw what nyc would look like in the year 20133.

I keep having a dream that my grandparents and my. Uncle who’s passing was close together….any ways they are in my dream as if they are not dead and I keep talkin to them as if nothing happend…. except my uncle…he stands in a road as I drive by he faintly disappears….what’s the dreams mean….

Dreamed of mother, (dead). We were conversing.Very real dream. She gave me two, 2, red rings to wear on my wedding ring finger.
What does this mean?

I had a dream last night of my dad that passed about ten years ago. In my dream he was telling me that he was not dead that he has been in prison. I started telling that I missed him so much all this time thinking he was dead. I also was telling him that i wish my kids got to meet him. I asked him if I could go visit him and he told me that he is not allowed any visitors. I was crying in my dream and woke up feeling like I was really crying. What could this dream mean?

I had a dream. Of my aunt who passed away over 20 years ago I dont recall the dream much then I was at another house of my grandma sister. (she raised the first relative) and was telling her about me visiting my aunt and mentioning her name ans she was not undrustanding who I was ttalking about I remind her that it was the little girl she raised she finally said I know who you are talking about and mentioned her by another name I was confused because I know that was not her name. Then we where in the yard and she god sick there was a bunch of people a few I reconized from when I was a little girl..someone was trying to get her medications I got closed to her since I did not feel we had a close bond I did not know what to say suddently she touch my arm like wanting confort I took her in my arms like a kid and she died in my arms.

my father passed away 2 months ago and i keep dreaming that he wants to come and take his childern and grandchildren away, what could this mean.

please help..
my 3yr old nephew is awake and seeing a lady dressed in red at the front foor mat. He has been seeing her for months and says she looks angry with her red eyes and red hair, red clothes. I always associated red in spirit visions as blood, sacrifice, and the red eyes well just throws me. He says the lady is angry at something.
My sister, my nephews mum is pregnant and having a tough time. Her liver is not working properly ( she does not drink alcohol ) and she is in threat of having a still you think this lady is like a warning that the child will be ill?
I am so worried, I do mediumship and tarot etc and can usually get names and my sister herself usually senses things but she has nothing. I sensed the lady last night but cud not get a name…she has a red rose in her hair too?

Please can someone help, I know this is not a dream but I couldnt find another site?

I very often dream of my parents who passed away. Yesterday I dreamt of my mother on a funeral pyre. I am walking past all these people who are lying on their funeral pyres and breathing their last. I find my mother and call out to her. She wakes up and smiles and says”mamma”. I am then carrying her like a baby and we then walk upto my 2 cousins, sis and bro-in-law who were very close to her. She recognises them . In the same dream I see my father who passed away 7 yrs back. He is found dead in the parking lot of the same hospital where I am looking for my mother. The funeral pyre is at the same hospital. My mother died 2 years back.She breathed her last in a hospital after being there for 3months. I have not yet got over their loss and I don’t know if I ever will. Please tell me what this means.

Sitting at a table with this women, The scene changed and i am in a room. I looked up and saw this guy that i had been dating. He was hanging from the ceiling with his hands tied behind his back and legs spread apart He was trapped, I then watched the same women that i was sitting at the table with take a long stick with a spear like knife on it and stabe him. I watched his head go up. (they where unaware that i was in the room)

I had a dream not to long ago with my father in it who is deceased in my dream I was so happy to talk to him and see him and he was happy to see me. He asked how his grandson was doing and asked me were was he at which in my dream my son was at school. The only odd thing in my dream was that my dad was talkin to me but his mouth never moved but I could hear his voice. What does this mean?

In last week I was dreaming my relatives who are already dead wat does it mean?

my husband had a dream lastnight about his mom and auntie they both passed away already, my mother inlaw passed away 1997 and his auntie passed away 2003.. ok heres the thing my husband said he walked in a Assembly and they was sitting in the back and he also seen his other auntie which is still alive n shes also sisters with both of my decease inlaws and he said when he walked in they was all sitting at a table laughing and joking around and they looked at him and smiled n said see i told he would come he then walked up to them and gave each of them a hug n kiss and he sat right next to his auntie *(the one thats stil alive)* and a chair away from his mother =( he told me they was sooo happy to see him! and then my husband said he seen his brother and his daughter who is only 2years old she had a full diaper and his mom was going to change her diaper but instead my husbands brother grabbed his daughter and changed her diaper.. we would appreciated if we get feed backs thank you so much and may you be blessed!!

-very concerned about my husbands dream!!!

i had a dream that i seen my decease aunt and she gave me 2 beautiful pink daisy’s and she smiled at me and walked away my wife could be pregnant would that be a sign that shes having twins?

I’ve had two dreams with family in it. One was with my great grandpa, he was kind of just going along with the dream. But I remember he actually died in the dream. I was very upset and I remember running to find him or something and that was it. Then this other dream I had I was dreaming about something else then it turned into me sitting on a bench with my great grandpa and great grandma. But I never met her, she died when I was two years old. They didn’t say anything to me. But I remember saying to my great grandpa “Thank you for letting me read her diary” My grandma still had her mothers diary so I got to read it, which was neat! And then I hugged him. And it was just so detailed I remember I could feel his shirt and everything. I woke up thinking “Woahh that didn’t feel like a dream”

I had a dream where i was in thailand and there was a war there so i fled to Laos and i was carrying a baby and was chased by these man eating jungle people, then finally when i got to Laos i came across a patch of strawberries and it was really foggy, then i saw my friend smiling at me with her eyes close, i yelled out her name but she didn’t reply so i was like ok? then i saw my cousin. I ask her wats she doing her and she told me, then i told her what happen at thailand and almost cried, all of a sudden we were in my cousin’s room and then i told her i’m going back to thailand to fight the war and saw my friend and ask him for a shirt and pant, then it was back to the foggy straw berry patch, and i was a bunch of people walking towards us, all of them fell down foward and at the center the only one standing was a grandma, my cousin told me to close my eyes and that we can’t look at her, then as i did and i peek the grandma was looking at her and then she came to me and said something, I didn’t hear what she said after that she took the baby and exchange it for the strawberries and disappear. So i want to know is that my grandma? or someone else and is it a bad sign if she took the baby?

I had a dream of my disabled sister who
Passed away 7 years ago in a tragic accident. I was 11 and she
Was 4years of age.
My dream Was me and my mum and my step father (who has
Only been living with us for 4-5 years..not mine or my passed sisters biological father) we was living in a house which in real life was my nan and grandads home, it was like we new my sister was dead in my dream but at night times we was all hearing noises and there was stickers being placed around the house, and then as my Steph father was trying to figure out where the noises and stickers was from I seen my little sister that had passed and she looked shy so I sat on the floor an told her that I wasn’t there to harm her and asked her to hug me and she ran towards me and hugged me really tightly and she looked right into my eyes, I then told her to go hug her mummy, then she just disappeared, but my dream Carried on with other people in it. But my sister never came back into the dream.
But in my dream she had on the clothes on that she owned before passing away and the shoes that was designed for her feet because she was disabled, but she also was fine there was nothing wrong with her in my dream no disability.
But I have woken up feeling very happy. What dose this mean? Please help

i have dreamt of my father a year ago after he passed away..
i dreamt of me and him cooking together and talking, suddenly he whispers in my ear : i’m sorry i left you, i love you.
i said it was okay and that i would love him too..
then i wake up crying ..
i wonder what it meant, if it was his way of saying good bye? or does it have another meaning?

Lately I’ve been having dreams about my dead father, who died almost a 3 months ago.
I’m VERY young. In my teens.
And I sometimes go to bed wishing I could hear him say my name or nicknames he gave me, or even his laugh.
I’ve been having frequent dreams of him talking to a close family friend. But I can barely hear him as if he’s whispering.
And I can’t get closer to him.
Its so hard.
I love and miss him so much…. And I just want to hear his voice again and I get so frustrated because I can only get so close to him. For most of the portion of the dream I’m crying really hard (sometimes I’ll wake up sobbing.)
But the only thing I can do in the dream is sit or stand and watch as everyone else can talk and touch him, yet I can’t.

What is this supposed to mean?
Why can’t I get close to him again?

I had a dream of my uncle who died about 17 years know. We were in church I think we were celebrating my cousin renewing her vowes that is my uncles daughter. We were going up for communion and he just appeared in the front row next to another uncle and he shock his hand and huged him. Then he turned and smiled at everyone. Then I woke up and looked at my clock to see the time. When I closed my eyes I felt like someone just got off my bed and I sleep alone. Can someone please tell me what this means.

i dreamed about my uncle ,he passed away the 6 th of July in cancer…. and i have been always beside him and taking care of him and suddenly he died …soin the dream i saw him sitting on his favorite chair and waring my white towel ,so i asked him to give it to me cause i have to take a shower …. then he listen and take of the towel and gave it to me suddenly i see ganglion all over his body showing me the cancer all over so i didn’t use the towel cause i thought it will be contagious what can that mean if you please can you help me

woke up this morning crying, i remember very clearly that i was dreaming about being at my grandparents house, my grandmother is still leaving but ill, in this dream my family was there but my grandfather and great grandmother that passed away where in it, it felt so real, i saw my grandfather walking out of the room my grandmother was sleeping, and i jumped up of the sofa and my grandfather and i gave each other a big hug with a kiss, he looked so hansome, was smiling at me and said everything is going to be ok, then he walk out, while in my dream am telling my family that it was grandpa but no oneelse saw him, i tried explaining to my dad and he didnt want to listening, then my great grandmother hugged me and said it ok and sat me down, then a wiered turn in my dream, i ending up outside with my mom at our old house i grew up at, and i saya small kid, walking i called on my mom but by the time she came he had smiled and was gone behind a trialer where my mom was unable to see him, then i woke up crying because i can continue seeing my grandfather face and the wat he looked which continues in my head, not sure what these two dreams mean together

hi there,i have had dreams about every relative who has passed away…the night before they pass away and in these dreams they are always in their coffins but in a very uncompfortable i turn them around to make them compfortable and they always are talking to me but i cant make out what they are saying.the last dream i had was of my best friend who died in a car crash and she is holding her pregnant belly and telling me to look after my baby..could this mean im pregnant?
please hepl me im loosing sleep!!!

I just had a dream the other night that my late, youngest sister, who passed away 6 years ago from brain cancer at the age of 41, was about 3 or 4 years old, and smiling at me. I was so happy and wanted to give her the biggest hug and kiss. My dream then ended and I woke up.

my brother died a year ago yesterday in a car accident and lately ive been having this same dream where we are fighting and it ends in a i hate you and i wake up feeling empty sad

i had a dream that my great great grandmother who i have never seen in my life was sitting with my grandmother. she told me that my grandmother doesnt have long to live. she also mentioned that theres heaven and hell

I have had 2 similar dreams regarding my deceased step father lately. Each time, he arrives at my mother’s home in a white car & it seems that everyone else knows he’s coming but me. He never speaks & never comes in the house (only staying on the porch or looking in the windows & looking rather frightening); my mother & older sister both acknowledge that he is outside & that it is ok, as if he is not supposed to come in the house. I feel very uneasy in the dream and after I wake.

i had a dream last night that i was talking to my mamaw and she has been gone for 7 months and i remember sitting on the couch in her house just talking to her and the family was there with us also talking to her, and i told my brother to come with me somewhere i dont remember the place where i told him, and i asked him and said mamaw has been gone for 7 months what is she doing here? and he did not know what to say. well we went back in there and talked to her again and i was siting next to her and she told me to feel of her arm so i felt of it and it was cold like they are cold in funeral homes and i said to her ”why are u so cold for?”and she didn’t reply back. then i woke up and i never had a dream like this before about my mamaw, i just miss her so much

since the day I migrated, may be after 1 month or so, I kept dreaming of my dead father & other scary dreams. why? I got a job & I lost it. I feel there is something wrong….

I keep dreaming about my younger sister oer and over again what does this mean ?
I also had a dream about bees fallowin me and one of then stung me ? Please help me .

The day after my brother’s funeral I had this dream. It was at the funeral and my brother was in his coffin then he rose up and said that i will be next!! What does this mean??? Ever since I have been terrified of the dark and cant sleep in a room by my self.

I had a dream i was around and i went to go hug my father and i could smell his colon. But I don’t remeber anything about my father, becasue he died when i was 3. Is it a memory ? or Just a dream?

please be so kind as to email my reply, i dreamt that my dead Aunt gave me a white book. please what is this dream

I had a dream that i was walking thru a house when i seen my dad playing with a little girl. please help me what does this mean.

i had a dream where my my friend ebonee r.i.p. passed away and she was in a white dress sitting under a willow tree calmly. i was walking and she got up when she seen me. she looked really scared and she was calling me with her hand to go with her & she looked like if someone was running towards me. she was yelling but i couldnt hear her. i decided to run towards her and as i did she ran faster and dissappeared. i was sooo scared. i didnt knoe what to do.i woke up crying.

i had a dream about my uncle who got killed in juarez mexico we dont know who the killer was…. but in my dream my uncle gave me some papers with my dads information and said his next what does this mean????

I dreamed that my dad and myself were in my grandmothers house (my mothers mother), and my deceased grandmother started opening and closing the closet doors, my dad and I laughed because she was communicating with us and it was so like her to let us know that she was there.

i had lost my mother when i was 14 im now 18. a year after she passed i had a dream of her telling me she loved and missed me i have wondered everyday that i wonder if it was her last message to me also my older sister had a dream of a funeral home and there was a bus stop were the ppl who had passed away could only take the bus to our world once a year to visted there loved one very wierd but also touching and a sense of peace but we wonder if our dreams mean what they are?!?!?! i have not had another dream of my mother nothing no dreams of her none of any sort to include her in nothing

I had a dream with my great grandmother wich i never met becuase she died before i was born. and i dream seeing her with flowers in her hands and a mand beside her and in my dream i asked the individuals around me if they could see her and i was the only one that was able to see her and she kept on following me but i was scared and then when she aproached me..I woke up. “what can this mean?”

always dead people,, come with bad intentions to destroy your things both in spirit an din fresh. pray that God will deliever u .. by rejecting him/her are taking hm back from his/her grave.

One week after my Mom passed away she appeared to me in a dream. She didn’t speak. She was trying to hand me something she held in her hand. It looked like a small key. Everytime she woudl reach out, her hand would dissiptae. She tried several times. During this time, I am most concerned that I remember she is wearing red, that there is a large patch of white in her left abdominal area and trying to figure out what is in her hand. I keep asking her what it is but she doesn’t answer. Then she disappears.

My mother passed away 14 yrs ago. I was 11 but at times I dream about my mother and in every dream I always say to her I thought u where dead and she tells me no I didn’t passed away I just had to go away for a while. To get away from some problems I had. And I don’t understand why she always says that to me. I would like to know if it has a meaning her telling me that

my sister died year.One night I had adream about that she was still here. It was something like a snow white dream. I had GAVE HER SOME MEDICINE AND SHE AWAKENED. BUT I KNOW THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN NOT EVER AGAIN.


My Dad who has cancer and may not have long to live, had a dream… my grandma (on my mother’s side) appeared at the foot of their bed, pulling on my Mum’s legs asking her to follow her. As my Mum was asleep in the dream, she didn’t respond. Then my Dad woke up and said not to pull on her legs because he needs her. So my grandma, starts pulling on his legs and asking him to follow her. My Dad replies and saids no, I don’t want to leave yet… then in the next scene, my Dad is following my Grandma and approaches a white door. on the side of the door, he feels it is very calm and peaceful and he isn’t sick anymore… he stops at the door eventhough my grandma beckons him to follow across. then he saids, he can’t come yet because he doesn’t want to…

Can you help me interpret this dream for my Dad?? I’m worried because he is terminally ill and I’m wondering if this dream has extra meaning…

Appreciate it greatly.

After my father passed away, I keep seeing his dreams.I never saw him directly, but it was like he communicating me from somewhere else.He called up to me saying he’d be back soon and asked me to say mom not to cry.The other time I saw that I was going to open the door between heaven and earth, I had in mind that my papa would come to earth again.Everytime, my papa wanted to say in my dream that one day he’ll be back and I need not worry..Slowly I stopped seeing his dreams.But I alwayz wonder, whenever it’s his dreams I see, I just feel his presence, him talking to me but not directly never see his face.any everytime he wants to tell me he’ll be back soon.I’m 22 years old now, and he passed away 10 years ago…now today again I saw in my dream that he was actually alive( like that happens in the movies),and he’s somewhere else and actually faked his death to everyone.In dat dream, me and mom was trying to get in touch wid him, but he’s hidin out somewhere,seemed like he wants to see us too, but somethng is stopping him..pls help me.why does he always say he’s comin back, most of da times i don talk to him directly and everytime he’s assurin me he’ll cum back and its already been 10 years..(whn i wa a kid i thought things wud happen just like in movies, like he’s still alive somewhere ..)

After my father passed away, I keep seeing his dreams.I never saw him directly, but it was like he communicating me from somewhere else.He called up to me saying he’d be back soon and asked me to say mom not to cry.The other time I saw that I was going to open the door between heaven and earth, I had in mind that my papa would come to earth again.Everytime, my papa wanted to say in my dream that one day he’ll be back and I need not worry..Slowly I stopped seeing his dreams.But I alwayz wonder, whenever it’s his dreams I see, I just feel his presence, him talking to me but not directly never see his face.any everytime he wants to tell me he’ll be back soon.I’m 22 years old now, and he passed away 10 years ago…now today again I saw in my dream that he was actually alive( like that happens in the movies),and he’s somewhere else and actually faked his death to everyone.In dat dream, me and mom was trying to get in touch wid him, but he’s hidin out somewhere,seemed like he wants to see us too, but somethng is stopping him..pls help me.why does he always say he’s comin back, most of da times i don talk to him directly and everytime he’s assurin me he’ll cum back and its already been 10 years and he hasnt cum any form..(whn i wa a kid i thought things wud happen just like in movies, like he’s still alive somewhere ..)

i had a dream of my son walking upstairs dressed all in white pulling a pram up with him and his wife

I had a nightmare last night about my father who passed away 6 years ago sept 10th, I’v had dreams in the past about my deceased father , where he had shown up at my apartment when i was 16 and i was so shocked to see him and it was like i was having a conversation with him and i kept telling him i knew you would come back , where have you been dad ? an then i said i need to take a picture with you and when i took that picture and looked at my camera and he wasnt in the picture and he was out of my dream just like that , anyhow back to my terrible nightmare i had last night , i was dreaming i was at my father funeral again , an the setting was different than the actual funeral in real life , but anyhow I was dreaming that my family and i seen him getting up out of the coffin , he didnt look like my father His skin was red and his hair was just a big mess , even though , i ran up to him said i miss you daddy i love you as i hugged him , and in my dream i felt everything as i went to hug him , it didnt feel like my father he was pure stiff and cold with red skin, and when he began to speak it did NOT even sound like my fathers gentle voice, it was like another person talking .. and he was sayin very evil things towards me , saying things like im a bad mother and stuff , at that point i started screaming “your not my father , this is not my dad , its not you ! YOUR not really my dad , who are you ? I was telling my family this is not real , that is what my dad would do or sounds like . it was almost like he had been possessed ! now all day i cant get this dream out of my head or understand the meaning of it … can anyone help ?

this deam started with a high trail and lots of people below , I was walking in the front and my 13 year old son was behind me , i had stop to ask him if my left light was on i dont know y i was aking him that because we were walking on this nerrow path . as he looked and he leand all i can see is him falling , him reaching for me and there was nothing i could do . i could see his face horrer was on it , next i could hear someone say he’s gone man he’s dead . at this point i am trying to make my way down to my son , praying and pleadding to god please please bring him back ..” to one father to another i beg of you please bring him back ” well i woken up crying and sobing . …. i went in his room and huged him and said i love you he said i love you back…… wwhy in GODS green earth we have dreams like this please someone help me to understand . i kills me to replay it in my head it felt so real and vivid…

I had a dream where my father, sister and aunt were at a table with me. There was an toddler, female also there. We were talking however I could not hear them really and my sister put the child by the window and she fell out. I got up and ran to the door and yelled at my father “get up the baby fell out of the window!” he just looked at me and then continued speaking to his sister, my aunt. I ran down a long stair case that was outside and there was a yard and the child was laying in the grass next to a small childrens swimming pool. Then I woke up. All the people I seen in my dream are dead. I think the child is alive on the ground but I awoke, my father always told us that you should never eat with the dead in a dream, it means you will die. Just decline the food, I was drinking coffee I believe with them. I am stressed over this dream and that my father did not get up to help. Is drinking with the dead just as bad as eating with them? what does the child have to do with it? Please help.

Here is my experience. It may be of some use to some researcher or scientist, which is why I am posting it. It is also 100% real. I dreamt of my dead granma yesterday who passed away abt 1 month ago, and also of my dead uncle who had died like 20 years ago, in the same dream. I was NOT close to either person while they were alive. In my dream my uncle tried to get close to me and I got scared b/c I knew he was dead, so I said a prayer and he backed off. He did not speak. My Grandma was talking to me about some completely irrelevant philosophy subject. I remember thinking “what the hell does this have to do with anything”. This was the dream. This is the 2nd time in my life I see someone dead in my dream. I very rarely have any recollection of what I dream. I am Jewish, and I always, always pray very devotedly before I go to bed at night. I say Shema Israel 6 times, and then Psalm 27:1 three times, Psalm 146:5 three times, and Psalm 125:1 three times. I am not a religious nut, just posting my habits.

I’m pregnant and my husband keeps having dreams of family members passing away what does his dreams mean??

i had a dream that my best friend was talking to someone who i know that is already dead for a long time, what does it mean?

Since i was very young the dead have cometo me in my sleep. I once told about it and who put away they thought iwas crazy.. I am older now. and it is still happening..A teen was missing..I did not know him..but new his grandma.. He came to me in my sdream and told me where his body was. I woke up i told my husband. we didn’t talk about it..two weeks later in the news they found his body right where he told me it was…now I have the guilt because i didnt tell.

I had my father and two uncles on his side pass in the same year. I now keep dreaming that I get informed that one of these deceased uncles (as in they are alive in my dream) have passed away. In every dream, my father is there, alive, but not speaking. The uncle whose death I keep reliving, is my father’s brother.

I lost my grandmother (who pretty much raised me) about 47 years ago, I have been having the same dream about her and in this dream I’m at her funeral, crying and when I look in the coffin her body is reversed, her feet are on the pillow and her feet are at the bottom of the coffin. What does this mean? If anyone knows what this means could you please reply? Thanks

I had a dream in which my dead grandmother was put in coffin and brought to ground-floor of our building by his 2 sons i.e my father and uncle on their shoulders. I too shouldered the coffin once . She was kept in some ground floor room in coffin and my cousin brother assisted to keep it . This ground floor room now does not exist. It was in our old home which is renovated. We do not have a custom to keep dead bodies in coffin. We do the cremation custom. Please interprete this dream for me. Thanks.

dreamt of my Estranged husbands father being very sad and distraught wanting to tell me something but not getting that far. What can this mean.

last night i had a dream that my friends mum and farther died around the same time i dont know who this friend was but it was very detailed i was at the funeral and my friend was distraut begging for her farther to come back even though he was mean in life and her mum was lovely she had a baby brother and i got left looking after him i was sad that her parents had passed over but was happy i was looking after the toddler he was playing out and i was chasing him when his foot got caught in a drain it squashed his toe flat and i comforted him trying to stop him from passing out he wasnt upset but was hurting just as i was about to ring a ambulance i woke up. this dream has left feeling very confused and i felt sad when i woke what could this mean? please help me understand it.

my latest dream about my father was, we are sending him to rest and we are given a last chance to say goodbye before they finally put down the casket….my family started to kiss and hold him as i was hesitant to do it. finally, when it is my turn, i supposed to kiss him in the check but he half opened his eyes and he whispers my name. then after i woke up…can you interpret his for me…thanks

In feb. of 2011 my papa passed away, before that i asked if he could come home and pass in his own home, but majority ruled ad because i’m female and couldnt bath him or change him, i lost, he is my grandfather and i could never see my self giving him a bath, because our privates are private…… In June of 2011, my grandfathers favorite grand child, whom he raised as his own son, and my brother, was medivac to a better hospital in the state because he had a huge black mask in his head, before i left to the different city to tend to my brother, i fought with my papa and begged him not to take him,and grumbled and fought, oh and just to let you all know my mom took care of my grandpa for the pass 20 years and since my papa passed away my mom has been taking care of my grammy, cooking , cleaning n doing everything for her as she did for my papa, when my brother was told that he has a brain tumur my momma said that she needed to take care of her son and that some one needs to take care of grammy, and i knew i was that person, so when i returned home i did all i did to take care of her i gave her my all and one night i got a dream, first time i ever dream of my papa, since he passed, I went into her room to feed her and as i walked out, ‘she has a stero that she nevers move in her house’ as i went to make that turn he stood there and i fell on my ass, i looked at him and said papa i thought you was dead………..and he looked at me, with clear eyes and smiled, i stood up and walked to the kitchen made a few snacks for my grammy and went right back into her room to feed her and there was my grammy and papa, just like little teen age kids at the end of her bed they were wagging there legs and smiling i place the food done and walked away, with in minutes i woke, i sat and though about the dream, at first i was like papa is protecting her, than i though is papa telling me that grammy is going with him shes been giving up for quiet a while now… ,so i raced over to her house, sat on her bed and said good morning marry marry quiet contary, something we do…. and she spoke, i was so relieved….I toook care of her for a while more… and than she passed away i lost my best friend, and i didnt and still dont know how to deal with it and i dream of her all the time, i cant remember most, because were just looking at one another, before i tell you this next dream, i need to let you all know that the other person i dream about, has been only evil in both my grammys and papas life, has only wanted my grandparents dead so she can inherit there house and money…and i also never dreamed of her before….. my dream…. whats bothering me about my papas question.l… i walked into my grammy’s and papas house, and my grammy was sitting in her chair and as i walked to her i looked down the hall way , and i seen my papa, i stood and i said “papa”, grammy, and i looked at her when i turned back my papa was standing in his house walk .. looking at me content as i always seen him, and had a content smile, for a minute i blanked out, and when i looked up again, he was bleeding from his eyes, and i looked at my grammy and she said to help him, as i walked toward him to help, freida was there wiping him , wiping his bloddy tears, i looked back at my grammy and than looked at my papa and she was still there with that look, and than i woke… so please tell me whats going on

Last night I have a dream about one man with wolf come to me and wolf first trying to bite and after that he was start more angry try to kill me but that time the man take wolf form me,

My brother died 4 years ago and I keep dreaming that he is dug up and we have a second funeral, the coffin is opened and he is alive and angry at me?

my grandmother died last year. lately i keep dreaming about her either talking to me or dieing in different ways. what could this mean?

I just had a dream that my sister had called me she has been dead for about 15 or so years I just had a Birthday and when she called she ask me how I felt about getting older.. then I told her I dont live the same live that I use to live as I have been sober for 8 years now and that I am happier now than ever and in the back ground I could hear my nephew say thats good isnt it mom he is still alive today though. Then it was like the phone called got disconnected. I didnt get to tell her I loved her and that really upset me. Before she died I didnt get to tell her that I loved her either as we live in different states and her death was unexpected.

My mom in law passed away last september. We were really close. Close as best friends, mother-daughter relationships come. 2 night ago, I dreamt she called on the phone. Spoke to me like how she did before, although i knew in my dream she was gone. Told me my nephew was bringing me cookies she made which she knew I loved. She said she never got to come up to visit anymore. I told her it was ok since our place was a third floor walk up. Trying to compose myself, I told her to hold on for a second, came back and the phone was dead. I feel stupid for doing that. I should have kept on talking to her. Now I can only wish for another dream to find out how she is, is there really something after life on earth, is she ok, what does she want us to do, is she free of pain… I love her so much that I cannot see, to move on from her passing. Any thoughts???

My friend had a dream about her sister who passed 5 months ago. Laughing and falling down then she would get back up laugh and fall down again what does this mean?

A Few Nights Ago I Had A Dream About My Dead Great Grandmother She Past About 2 Years Ago , She Was On My Tv Screen Holding A Baby She Was Rubbing Its Head And She Kept Saying I Met Your Baby ! Your Baby Is Here With Me And Its Been 4 Months ! After That I Woke Up Really Scared My Heart Was Beating Very Fast Can Anyone Help Me I Want To Know What She Means Because I Dont Have Any Children So Where Did That Baby Come From??

December 11, 2011, @ 2:45 am, I heard wind and what sounded like paper and leaves blowing, I was not able to call out to My Mother, I was paralized off to the right I had seen a brite light coming from our hall way, I managed to look at the light only to see what was an Image…The light kind of dimmed a bit and It was My Father who Passed away on 7-7-2010, He was Young and Handsome, stood in our entry/hallway….looking behind a picture (to me it was like he wanted to see if it was Hung right), he stepped back into he light, and I kept calling his name, he squatted down, removed his sunglasses to the brim of his nose, looked at me, put his glasses back on, stood up and he was gone…………………….Please help me on what this might mean……………………..

Dreamed when walking naked while with my girl friend and was not scared. A late cousin of mine then brought me clothes on the way which i put on but rejected one of the pieces.

A friend of mine recently lost his 16yr old sister in a serious car accident & he has had a dream of her walking & talking but also of her making the cross symbol with her hands..what does this mean?

My uncle die about eight years ago, he has now been coming in my dreams telling me you don’t want to come here they treat you bad here, then in another dream I am helping him. Please help me with this dream

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I keep dreaming about my husband who is dead 2 1/2 yrs ago that he is come back to life. And he is not dead anymore….

I dreamt my mother, that died 16 years ago, came back alive and told me to take her wedding ring off before she was buried. My Father has her ring. What does this mean?

I had a dream i meet my grandfather, who ignored me, i new it was him because he was tall, and had his smell, and he introduced himself to a girl i like alot, then he left in a flash and she was smiling alot.

I had a dream about my great grandma who was holding a baby. The baby was probably mine because my family got rid of it as of my heart conditions (if i continue that pregnancy, it would caused me the risk of death) which made me feel guilty. My heart was pounding while seeing her and the baby and she was just smiling sitting in the lounge area.

35 years ago I gave birth to a little girl who died. We named her Angel. My husband had a dream he entered a empty room and heard PAPA in a little girls voice.

i would like to no i had a dream of my grandmother she was very happy to see me we have always been very close but she had asked me if i wanted to go with her what does that mean.

I like the site. Very nice

My grandma passed away dec 3 2010 right before christmas right before her anniversary and a month before her birthday. i’ve been with my grandma helping her with her business cleaning her house grocery shopping etc for 6 yrs she was like my second mother we were very close to eachother. After she dies id have weird dreams about her that she was attacking me or in my zombie dreams but not a zombie it was really weird. a couple dreams were at her house were she runs her business and everything was like the same like she never passed away and i just hug her and cry i miss her so much. When i hug her and cry she’s says why are you crying did you miss me i was just on vacation.its depressing being at her house everyday but i have to help my grandpa out . i keep thinking shes going to walk through her front door and say i’m home.

I had a dream, i saw my deceased mom lying in a coffin and then wakes up from it and walk. what does this mean?

I had a dream of talking and walking with my sister who died years ago, and suddenly she was walking faster and I could not catch up to her, so I called out her name to slow down but….when she turned around, it wasn’t my sister’s face, it was my youngest daughter’s face. She kept walking away as if she wanted me to follow or chase her to search for something around the corner for an answer.

My boyfriend died just over 2 months back. I have been having a recurring dream in which he asks me when and where do we meet? We fix up a plan as well but I end up getting late and then the dream breaks…..What does this mean? Does it mean he is wanting me to go and be with him?

For the last 3 nights consecutively, i have had the same dream. My Nanny died October 2010. In my dream i can see she is dead. I dont no where we are. I know i am upset by the fact that my Nanny is dead and im aware she has died. My Nanny looks exactly as she did when she died. She doesnt speak to me. I look on my lap and i can see her hand there. Cold and white. I know she doesnt communicate with me but i am aware of the fact that she wants me to take off her wedding ring. I dont understand what this means.. I have been crying in my sleep while this dream happens. It lasts no longer than 2-3 minutes. I wake up immediately after. Please, can you tell me what this means?

the last few weeks I keep dreaming with my grandpa hes been gone for 5 years now.. he keeps smiling at me and one of the last dreams i had I asked him if he would be here for the birth of my baby and he said yes and vanish.. what does it mean?

I dreamn’t of my cousin who hanged himself two weeks back. In the dream he was sleeping in his coffin but it was like the size of his bed. His wife was sitting there by him and crying and then I started to notice like his jaw was moving more like he was grinding his theeth. I then mentioned to everyone to look at him then his wife tells me he is very angry. He then opens his eyes wide and he is staring right at me and no one else and you could just see he was so angry. was he trying to tell me something. I await your urgent response

i dreamt of my dad who passed 3 yrs ago and we were at the house i grew up in which is now deserted and he was sitting on the couch crying to me saying he hasnt really been dead and saying he was so sorry for not being here. what does this mean? i feel like hes saying hes sorry he cant be here physically anymore but hes still watching over me.

I saw my father who passed away 12 yrs ago in my dream. He came to me and said someone was going to die. I started crying and thought it was one of my children but then he said it was me and that I would die young. Then I woke up in a panic. the funny thing is that it didn’t look like my father. What does that mean?

I dreamt my deceased grandmother was outside of her house and in the yard waiting on me to approach her. It was a warm evening and the sun was setting. I cried when I saw her and she said,”Look at the girl crying.” I went and hugged her and her body was very cold.

My sister died 11 years ago at a young age and it was a violent/traumatic death. The day of her passing while laying in bed…I heard her speaking to me calling my if in a whisper..but very persistent. It scared me and I woke my husband. My son also experienced something after her death. I had a picture of a blonde haired woman in his room (he was 18 months old at the time) which looked similar to my sister and my son told me one day…”Mommy, that lady came to see me.” I asked him when and he said while he was sleeping…she woke him up and spoke to him. He also said a man was with her in a wheelchair. My father died the same year with complications of 22 years of Multiple Sclerosis. Do such things happen?

My grand-mother passed away in October of 2009. We were both very close. 6 months after, my 3 year old niece died. 2 months after the death of my niece, I had a bizarre dream. I was in a “room”, it didn’t seem so much as a room since everything was white and there was light coming out of these white “walls”; so they didn’t appear exactly as walls, but it seemed like it. I can’t really describe it, I’ve never seen anything like it before. It also felt like there was no limit to this place. I was sitting on a bench with my grand-mother who looked younger and very well. My grand-mother was talking to me and telling me a whole bunch of stuff (I can’t say what it was exactly, but it was comforting). While she was talking to me, she was also playing in my hair. Right beside us on what appeared to be a floor, my niece was busy playing with some toys and she looked normal and happy. I woke up with a feeling that everything was fine and they were in good hands, as if they were on the other side of life or something like that. I didn’t ask much question at first… but it’s been a few years and I never dreamed of them again. I’m curious as if anyone dreamed about this white room while dreaming of deceased people?

Had a dream a woman in a white gown came while I was sleep and lean over putting my bed down to see me when as she was leaving my bed got back to normal. Feeling that she was leaving but making a noice as if she was in pain, sad, or was crying. Not sure what it mean.

my gran died less than a month ago my gran brought me up after my mum died less than 8 years ago.
i have been having dreams of my gran near enough every night, they can be from me looking through her ashes and finding her foot but last night and the night before i have been talking to her and it feels so so real but in both she doesnt believe that she is dead which worries me ..she says that she can see me and im doing soo good with out her then she says she has to go and i wake up at 3am. i also had a really bad dream my dead mum was standing in the hall just staring at me then doors start bang things flying and while this is all happening she still stares at me … its getting to the stage i dont wanna sleep .

I dreamed that chairs was packed outside the church ( by the door of the church) i was sitting on one of the chairs and i saw this lady looking just like my granmother. I my dream i told my husband that lady looks like my granmother and when i looked closely it was her but when i looked back she was nowhere to be found. she didnt look at me she just walked pass me but not close to me. like 3meter away from me.We started going to church again and i dreamed this after the 3time we went to church

Last night I had a very long vivid dream about these christians whi I used to associate with were having an assembly at this huge auditorium and after I attended that I was to go to work the next day, when I got there I fainted, and an old friend of mine, who I don’t even work with, called an ambulance and sat in the ambulance with me on the drive to the hospital which happened to be the auditorium where the christians were all still assembling at, thousands of them, and when I got there she disappeared and my deseased father and mother showed up and told me I have a tumor on my lung and kidney and have to have surgery now and I was crying and telling them no I can’t do this they were telling me over and over yes we have to do this now and they grabbed my hand and we ran through the building with hundreds of people passing us and I told my dad wait I have to call my manager and tell her I will be out and I called her crying and telling her I have to have surgery now and she couldn’t understand me and as we went along walking through the building all I could vividly feel was this intense pain in my stomache and back telling my dad slow down I can’t walk. The dream was very intense to me. And I woke up feeling angry and emotional that none of my kids woke me up like they always do when I have intense dreams. What does this mean?

Hi I dream that my Late mum was lying on the bed and I told her you came back to us and she just smiled

my grandmaw was my best friend. she passed away about 8 years ago. i haven’t seen her since until last night. i had a dream that she and my aunt and cousin drove up to her old house so i walkedover there. when i walked in my aunt was sitting at the table and when i turned around my grandmaw was standing there with a red jacket on with big pearl buttons and white slacks. i told her she looked so pretty and she replied to me that she had to look good in her new party barge that she just got and pointed out the window. so i walked outside to see the party barge and my cousin was beside it on her phone and then i woke up. i havent been able to stop thinking about her and cant help but wonder if she was trying to tell me something.

my Dad is with me at our house and we are talking and smiling and see some moose tracks in the back yard what does this mean

i had a dream where i was in my house which is in a small town and i heard the voice of my dead great great grandmother she whispered come to me over and over i followed the sound of the voice into the woods behind my house it was dark and foggy when in my house it was bright mid day and good weather then these two claws shot out of the fog and grabbed me i fought it off and ran but i heard these apperently invisable dogs chasing me they were barking and growling i got to my door and shut it but there were three big black dogs in front of me they lunged at me then i woke up sweating and panting what does this mean?

I lost my best friend 3 months ago. He showed up in my dream last night and said he will never die. He was wearing a plain green t-shirt and jeans. I hugged him and it felt like he was really there. He also said he likes my new couch that I just got a month ago. I have never had a dream feel so real.

I dreamt of my late girlfriend. She was inside her coffin and when in her open grave, she managed to crawl out of her coffin and up outside her grave, Her sister was holding her and she was starring at me. It was errie actually. What does it mean?

A month ago I dreamed that I met my grandma a
nice place. When I saw her walking down the stairs,
I said hi grandma how are you. But she didn’t reconize
me. So I had to tell her that I was her daughters
oldest daughter. Ater I told her who I was then I woke up.

I dreamt of my ex that he left me in the dream but shortly in realy life he really left me to be with his previous ex again. And I will always dream of someone close to me who is still alive but dead .. what do my dreams tell me?

this happened to me almost a month ago the night i got mugged. as i came home i dreamt i was home alone with Dad didn’t hear the doorbell besides me I open the door and it’s my great grandmother she’d been dead 20 years at this point and i asked who are you? and she says James don’t you know me? and i wasn’t born yet when she died and she said she was “nonnie” and at the point i felt a little insulted and i said a bit angrily prove it and she pulls out this old picture of her and granddaddy and she said i saw what happened James and you cant dwell on it forever and you need to look out for those kind of things in life and i thank the lord for saving you for other kinds of danger and i woke up the next day the cops came by and they returned my iphone

My eldest brother-in-law just passed away about a week ago. Last night I dreamt that I was walking along with his beloved second son along a beach in pitch darkness. I was on the left while his second son was on my right. As we walked, we were conversing. All of a sudden, my dead brother-in-law ran very fast towards us from behind and stopped in between us. He looked frightened, thinner, with black hair (his hair was greying when alive) and as if he had something to utter. I was frightened. It woke me up.

Sept 2, 2012 last night my dream was that I was with all my brothers and my husband and sister in laws. A party image and playing a game of pretend acting. We were having fun and drinking beer. My cell phone rang in the dream and I answered. The voice was our first cousin passed on last August of 2011. (male) He asked do you know who my mom is ? I replayed yes and gave him our aunts name. Then he asked do you know who I am. I gave him the name and he said who? I then gave him his real name. I had called him by his nickname. He asked if he could bring his mom over to the party. Yes I replied. He came but all he did was hand shake we only saw his hand . And the back of his head. Then I woke up wondering what does it mean. I’m fifty two and I have always seen the un-know since I was in the fifth grade. And made prediction which have come true. I don’t use it that often the six sense because it can really work you over.

So my mom passed 6months ago and we were really close. she was really sick for years before she passed. I always heard her tell me of a phone ringing and she said it scared her to answer it.I told her that the passed can communicate with the living through dreams with the phone. so twice now she has called on a phone and ive answered it to talk to her. has anyone used this phone method in sleep to talk to someone. also she told me someone had a lung problem and she said its like against rules of some sort to say who but that someone does. she mentioned last night in a new dream of specfics to us mourning her and places and also the caller id when she hung up read nvr too fr away frm u. I am wondering abouth this phone thing.

My mom called me to tell me she had a dream about my deceased father and he was crying. she asked him why he is crying and he said ” for Athina”, that’s me. She told me she has had this dream 3 times. I have tried to figure this out but cannot, or maybe it is mine to figure out, maybe the dream is more about my mom than me, I don’t know but I would really like to figure this out. would love to hear what anyone may think. Thank you

My brother past way last February. I was the one that found him. A few nights ago I dreamed of me finding him again and rolling him over and he had butter in his mouth. I am really confused about this dream. Can you please help me with this.

I had a dreamed last night about my cousin who just passed away few weeks ago.. in my dream we seemed like investigating a murder case of my aunt (died also from cancer 3 years ago who actually my cousin’s mom).. In my dream my aunt has been murdered in their house then there was traces of blood on the wall.. we are just too thankful that my cousin (dead) and my grandmother (still alive) went to our house that day when that things happened to my aunt..
weird and im scared.. why my dream is like that?

i had a couple ofhen my dreams about my dead cousin it’s been a year since we found her dead but the last two dreams were very disturbing one was which she came with our life time friend to fight me and the other one was about us cooking on first and then my husband wanted to leave me because of something she told him…everybody in the dream said that she told him something…and all these dreams take place to her mom old house…my whole family was there and even my husband sister..what does this mean

i had a dream that my grandfather called me on the phone. and he kept saying my name. but he sound like he was smiling when he was saying my name

My Grandmother ( who helped raise me and whom I was very very close to) passed away almost 1 year ago. My husband and I were married about 2 weeks ago and we had a memorial table for my gram and my husbands mom. I think about my grandma a lot but i had my first dream about her last night. We were in an indoor park. My husband, my mom, my little sister, my grandmother, and I. I don’t have any children yet but in the dream I did. I had 2 children a little boy and girl and they were blonde ( I’m black and native w/ curly hair and freckles and my husband is white w/ blonde hair and blue eyes). My grandmother was sitting at the top of a very high spiral slide, scolding the kids- telling them to behave and correcting them when they made mistakes. My little sister was had children too and they were also blonde. One of the kids that was playing on the slide was older and disabled but I don’t think he was ours. He didn’t feel like he was my child. The dream felt so real. In the dream we were all discussing how great it was to have my grandma watching over our kids and making sure that they were behaving. But we were sitting on the ground watching and my grand ma was up high on the slide looking down at the children and we never actually spoke to her. It was a really wired dream.

I have a son who is incarcerated, my dream was about my mother and grandmother going to the jail to visit my son. both my mom and her mother are deceased.

Okay so I had a dream of my grandmother that passed away more than 10 years ago. And in that dream she was smiling and looking at me. And I was just asking her why and she rubs my stomach and says that I’m pregnant. And all i remember telling her was no I’m not. I just went to the doctor a few days ago and have been getting my period every month. The test was negative I told her and she told me that it is not always right. I have taken 6 hpts and 1 urine test at the doc. Am I really pregnant. Should I listen to her. I don’t have dreams often so I just know this means something. I need to really understand this so I can at least take care of my body. Please help…..!

My uncle had a dream that his mother and sister were telling him that he is goin home soon is this a bad sigh should he listen to it

I keep seeing my dead parents in my dreams and it is if they are not dead but very much alive in our old house in which my brother is still living in and we want him to move.
My dead parents are either cooking or sometimes prevnt me from going out and when l realise that they are dead l ty to get away from them. as well as other people who have passed on l don’t want t keep dreaming them. my father died nearly jan. 2002 and l had my son dec..2002 he now has special needs is their a connection has my father knew he was dying but didn’t want to except it. my mother died 1991 she is nearly mostly in my dreams but my father being their disturbs me most, sometimes he is holding on to me etc but he is always their along with my 2 elder sisters who is alive What could this mean? Is this making me ill?

I had a dream last night of my uncle on my fathers side who passed away in september. I have not seen him in many years, I chose to stay away because I felt I had been to much of a bother in the past after my father died when he tried to help me. in my dream my daughters were with me and we were at his house , he had already passed away, my grandmothers is right up the dirt road from his and a car plowed through her home, I got on the phone to call someone and my uncle answerered on the other end, he said to me, Gail I am only 40 yards away from you. What does this mean?

Had a dream that me and my deceased brother were dissecting a cat. And we were talking and laughing. He passed 10years ago.

I had a dream,I dreamed me and my father siting down and we start talking asking me about my life after that he stand up and gives me a money and I asked him that what’s that money for and he told me is for food,and he past awy long time,what’s that mean

hi, and thank you in advance for interpreting my dream.
i had a dream last night where my deceased mother told me i was going to die in a car accident in 2 weeks.
she went ahead to tell me how.
i don’t recall the details of how it would happen.
then another woman told me something similiar.
when my deceased mother was telling me this, she was standing in my front yard as i was pulling out of my driveway.
two nights before this dream, my deceased mother was painting my walls black.
thank you for any insight or thoughts on this dream.
given i have had many, many dreams that were precognitive of others, i am concerned it is a warning.
thank you,

I had a dream that I was trying to reach my great-grandparents before they passed away, but I didn’t make it in time. In the dream I didn’t realize how serious it was (how ill they were). I was very close with both of them, but they passed away years ago. And I was able to be close to them before they passed, so I’m not sure what this means?

I just met this guy an we started to date during the thanksgiving holiday. The first week of Dec we were both busy with work we weren’t able to see each other then on Dec 7, 2014 he said he was sorry he hadn’t had a day off since the weekend before when we met but that he would text me tomorrow. Well on Dec 8, 2014 at 6:30a.m. he never made it to work and was killed in a freak auto accident. The day was fogging when he set out and a semi was in the wrong lane and he did not see it till it was to late. He was driving and took most of the hit and he died and the other 3 passenger’s survived. He was cremated on 12/13/14 and on the one week of his death 12/15/14 I had a dream about him his back was turned and he was talking but I couldn’t hear him so I started to walk over to him to touch his shoulder so he turn around and we would hug and kiss. But as I got closer and just about to touch his shoulder my alarm went off and scared me and I jumped up and it was 6:30a.m. the time he had passed away so I hit snoozed half asleep and went back to the dream where I left off and again I tried to touch him and just when I was about to the alarm went off again and I tried one more time but the same thing happened so I just woke up. I just couldn’t reach his shoulder. I don’t know what that means could you please help? Also every since he died I have felt his warmth so strong around me that it overwhelms me to tears and he gives me the feeling of ok and peace.

I had a dream about my Grandmother visiting me at my office, she knocked on the door, she was with a tall black man and when she entered I immediately recognized who she was and she came in and we hugged and I introduced her to those whom were in the office.

My dream was my deceased mother telling me father had died and I was not here so I cried and cried in my dream. The next was my deceased grandmother telling me my mother had died and she told me of the place and of what and the place was right because my mother had moved to that town and I did the same thing cried and cried in my dreams. They have all been dead so I kept wondering what does this dream mean, being it was at the same time and in the same night. I pay attention to dreams and sometimes they have a meaning, which sometimes happen so I worry when I have such dreams. When I lost my son I constantly dreamed of him and in my dreams I had lost him and was looking and looking for him and eventually he died at the age of 35 years old. I dreamed of seeing a dead person in a box and thinking it is not my son because we buried him in a coffin. Two years later my nephew died in an accident and I saw the box where my sister brought his remains after cremation. So some of those dreams actually have meanings to me. I also dreamed of a beautiful red horse, like dark brown real pretty and nice horse, but yet have to find out what that meaning is when you dream of a horse. It comes to me at the times that I am in deep sleep. Could be because I often think of my deceased relatives and that is why I dreamed of mom, father, and mom’s mother (grandmother). Some dreams are so peaceful that a person does not want to wake up when you have such pleasant dreams. Never had I had a dream of money, it is just of people, mostly deceased loved ones. I am not a spammer and do not want to be flooded with e-mails either because I send my mail to the Spam folder, so I hope no one sends me mail because of this. thanks

I dreamed about my dead sister (she passed away 02.11.2014),that we had 2 thickets for cinema.We were in rush don’t miss the the beginner.first it was dark and i told my sister it s already late lets go back,but she didn’t listen to me and we continued.Suddenly it is daytime,she said, look now we can reach to the cinema and we held hands.finally we reached and asked to the receptionist where is the cinema.she told us go upstairs cinema did not start yet.when we started go upstairs I woke up.What’s this mean?

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