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Some experts believe that dreams about flying tend to mean something sexual while others interpret a flying dream to mean a lack of inhibition and a gaining of freedom. The idea is that in our dreams we release ourselves from limitations which we or others might be imposing. The freedom gained in dreams may indicate freedom from a spiritual limit, especially when the dream involves flying high or into space even. A more down to earth dream flight may indicate something more tangible, such as freedom from a bad job or bad relationship.

Ironically, this dream can answer a few questions about what you’re flying free of. That helps with you getting the correct dream definition and dream meaning. However, sometimes getting the meaning of a dream can distract from the task at hand. If you know what you are dream about and write it down then you will then be able to make up for dream symbolism and gain meaning for yourself. You should discover how this dream method works. I’m recommending that people quit thinking about what do dreams mean but try to discover what the dream means to you and your experiences. That would be happening right about now as you are going through your life.

In addition to that, I found what does my dream mean has been a blessing. Perhaps I’m slow, but this is all there actually is to it. It’s a journey to self-awareness. What do you think?

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